9/11 Memorial Walk

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Canada has 27? vicsims in the 9/11 hoax. I stumbled upon this memorial walk quite accidentally, as there was one small directional sign at the end of an off ramp that tipped me off. Google found the location, which is helpful, as there wasn’t even one more sign on the road leading to the lake where the site is located (that I noticed). There was no parking, and when near the park, there were again no signs leading to this memorial. It was like they didn’t want it found or noticed. If any real people died, then the families should be at least annoyed that such a place is ignored or kept out of the way.

Here are some pictures I snapped. Note the 0;weeping Norway pine” which reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

I’m not sure if I missed a few posts or I got them all. Many of the plaques looked shoddily made, with shoddy details of what should have been highlighted achievements of real people.

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3 thoughts on “9/11 Memorial Walk

  1. xileffilex

    There’s a facebook memorial page for Chantal Vincelli with plenty of social photos
    which is clearly run [well, it had a burst of activity in 2013] by a friend now living in Bermuda called Shelley Furbert

    Daughter follows father into Marsh McLennan


    I can’t quite believe this back up story about phoning the company on 9/11

  2. khammad


    What a great find!

    911 Memorials mostly come from grants, and mostly to cities, because 911 Memorials are usually located on land within the city’s jurisdiction. Here are some grants awarded to other cities.

    Oconee 9/11 Memorial gets $200,000 state grant, efforts continue for 2016 opening

    New 911 Memorial in Hoboken NJ.

    New Rendering of 9-11 Memorial in Carlstadt, NJ Requested.

    9/11 Spirit of America Memorial in Cashmere, WA

    The last two grantees are asking for more money to finish the job.


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