Slaying another controlled sacred cow

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Naomi Klein gets the Miles Mathis treatment. I just hope MM isn’t a higher level of the same.sleepy

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This is a question I get a lot, especially from female readers. It is a variation of a question I get from many readers male and female, who are looking to keep one or two of their old heroes/heroines. In short, they want to know if anyone will be left standing after I finish outing everyone. The short answer to that is NO, there won’t be anyone famous left. No one who you see on TV or read about in magazines or see at TED talks or see in major films will be left. None of the big dogs of the alternative media will be left, either. And almost no one you have come across on Youtube will be left. They are all plants. A few of the old guys may survive, like Thoreau or, say, Joan of Arc. And a few of the marginal characters on the internet may survive, especially if they aren’t being promoted by any major sources of funding. But the media being what it is, you can now just assume that anyone with a major publisher, a major award, a major grant, or any connection to either political party or the government is a mole. If they were telling the truth or leading you in the right direction, they wouldn’t have any of those things.

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1 thought on “Slaying another controlled sacred cow

  1. xileffilex

    Fascinating stuff, Ab. Interesting how Miles points to the gap in our knowledge of Sidney Webb.
    Seems like someone else hit the same problem…

    It’s got me interested.
    His father Charles Webb died 22 July 1891 at 4 Park Village East, Regents Park aged 63.
    Estate £5482 18s 6d , probate to his brother Charles Stacey Webb [1858 – of 44 Bloomsbury Square, rubber stamp manufacturer who died aged 96 in 1954, leaving less that double that amount. 63 years later.
    That was a tidy sum in those days. More another time.

    These liberals are all phonies or are being duped- see how the gather around the Guardian newspaper which pushes people like Snowden and Assange and never deviates from any global script.

    Back to Miles – he calls out the Cuba embargo as a hoax – which I buy. I would like what he thinks about Libya and the faked death of its Sandhurst educated actor0-leader. Halliburton was doing very well there in that embargo time. [is the Great Man Made River Project fake?? ]


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