5 thoughts on “More Paris Hoaxery

  1. Terran Downvale

    Just wanted to add another recent find here, if anyone is interested. From my G+ post here: plus.google.com/11241348958230…

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before but take a good look at these photos of a victim and cop outside the Bataclan Theatre.

    Right-click “View Image” and zoom in on the cop’s helmet. In the top image which is the one that’s been used the most, there appears to be a blood smear on the right side of the visor (from our view).

    In the other two photos, the smear seems to be missing from that side and instead appears on the other side! Can someone explain to me WTF is going here? Is this a genuine “fatal mistake” or intentional conspiracy bait?

  2. khammad

    Paris Shooting or parachuting ?

    The Paris Shooting should really be called The Paris Massacre, as a shooting describes one death but a massacre describes several deaths. So why did the media choose the inaccurate title of The Paris Shooting?

    Is there NLP (nuero linguistic programming) going on here?

  3. uninstall_media

    The real tragedy in Paris was that so many people turned up to see such a shitty band – the Eagles of Death Metal. (The name is a self-effacing parody on the classic rock band “The Eagles”, and as Rollo so eloquently observed, their style is very far from Death Metal). More like Scrap Metal in their case.
    It’s really not surprising though, when we consider the fact that acts like Justin Bieber draw much larger crowds. Culture creators have honed their craft to such a degree that the screaming, hand waving masses won’t even question WHY this so called “popular music” is so poor. They’ll just accept what they’re given.

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