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Trojan games

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Read the wiki on the Trojan plant. Read it keeping in mind the whole thing is a giant paper tiger, capable of doing nothing but siphoning off excess power from the grid, if that. Enjoy the occult numerology. Weep at the public funds stolen from the treasury for incredible expenses for handing nothing more than cement and steel, and magic hot rods (why else is it called Trojan?)

I am sure that the magical invisible power called electricity is one huge financial shell game. Nuclear is its biggest con, but I’ll bet other mega projects are built with fraud in mind, over inflating the costs by mega factors to fleece the people.

All because we can’t see it to judge it.

Trojan Nuclear Plant Cooling Tower

Weep, people of Ontario, for this latest swindle (note occult numbers, including 11:22 posting time of story).

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FAK150-Globebusters with Bob, Jeran & Morgile

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When? Sunday, Dec 6, 2015 8pm est

Who? Bob, Jeran, and Morgile


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