FAK150-Globebusters with Bob, Jeran & Morgile

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When? Sunday, Dec 6, 2015 8pm est

Who? Bob, Jeran, and Morgile


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6 thoughts on “FAK150-Globebusters with Bob, Jeran & Morgile

  1. Black Dog

    Enjoyable listen/ but now what? – You ‘earth bound misfits’. So much media, so little end results. Seemingly only placating us.. in perpetual foreverness. Thanks for reaching the edge though! What else can we do?

  2. UNreal

    Glad to see there is an upcoming show !

    I find many of the shows and topics with Jeran, Bob and frequent guest Morgile interesting.

    To interview Bob alone would be different and maybe more interesting than to have the whole group. Bob seems like a good choice to explain his own views as well as thoughts on fakery in relation to topics we often discuss here such as 9/11, HRDPAR, DCP, Nuclear Hoax, JFK etc.

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