No Agenda can’t say hoax

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When it comes to San Bernardino, the boys are reticent to say hoax (as usual) , so how about saying ? (Hyper realistic drill portrayed as real). They also leave out how the media play an active role in these events, and instead portray them as unwitting dupes.

They also noted that the Eagles of death metal band used in the Paris hoax mentioned San Bernardino in a ,  plus Amarillo and Dallas. Adam speculated that these places might be next in the now weekly HRDPARs.

Another interesting observation made was the memes of fathers looking for their daughters trapped in the shooting sites. Perhaps the scripters have got the mothers on their side, and now it’s time to work on the fathers using repetition.

It’s amazing how they can dance around the issue of military media hoax. Are they afraid of losing their donors?

It’s much easier operating without donors or fans, which is why I run my own site on my own.

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2 thoughts on “No Agenda can’t say hoax

  1. derealium

    Their song and dance around these events is always interesting to hear. Its always a lesson in talking out of both sides of your mouth. How do they manage to balance their thoughts about scripts, unbelievable witnesses/family members of victims, sketchy coincidences with their stated perception that “people calling this hoax aren’t doing anyone any good”. At least this time they said that it has many “Sandy Hook” elements but it still leaves you in the dark because they did the same dance around Sandy Hook.

    For Paris, they both outright stated that everyone died and got hurt…to put it in familiar terms.

    But whatever, if there is anyone still listening to Limbaugh or some mainstream leftist shit, and I knew there was no way they will make a giant leap, I would still point them to No Agenda to bring them along. I’d do that before recommending Jonestown at least.

  2. Blue Moon

    Ab- You are absolutely spot-on about the fathers needing to have their chains pulled- Protecting the women is an instinct that has to be tweaked carefully, otherwise the men will see beyond the manufactured threat to the real threat, those perpetrating the hoaxes- Should that happen to any great degree, the disruption in commercial revenue generation could be significant- Right now, though, anxiety from these psy-ops has people spending like mad- (Mostly for guns, pharmaceuticals and booze)

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