The jews founded america and invented english?

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It may be time to start ignoring Zack.

3:01 the jews founded America? Do you think the Pope is a jew too? Try listening to for 5 minutes… Rome and the are a more likely group to run the world than jews who couldn’t even get in the country let alone run everything.

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10 thoughts on “The jews founded america and invented english?

  1. Hare Brain

    Can you explain why the Jesuits are running the show? Do they have the right skill sets? Do they have the right balance of cunning, smarts, savvy. I can see them running universities, think tanks, certain countries long time ago, but what about media companies, ad agencies, hollywood studios. Would they even be capable of writing a decent hollywood blockbuster? or a critique of a broadway play. And why would someone who is capable of writing hit movies, songs, winning nobel prizes, inventing new technologies, and being very creative in general – why would they follow the Jesuits?

      1. Hare Brain

        I looked at Learn of the Jesuit Order, and it seems like mostly anti-Nasa flat earth vids. Robin Fisher – I can’t really watch videos where there’s no narration – it’s just random videos from other sources and then putting Jesuit/NWO/Illuminati in the title. Johnny Cirucci – don’t know much about him so far – but he seems like the typical type of person who blames the Jesuits – which is a protestant Christian who really hates the Catholic church and is really into the End Times – where the Catholic church is the beast and the Pope is the anti-Christ and that kind of stuff.

        But you’re an agnostic/atheist, why do you follow these people?

        And if the Vatican is running the world, how do you explain this type of article which you see almost daily:…

        If they’re truly in charge of everything, why do they constantly make fun of their own church?

          1. Hare Brain

            why would they do something like this?


            The Society of Jesus’ Pacific Northwest unit and its insurers have agreed to pay a record $166.1 million to about 470 people who were sexually and psychologically abused as children by Jesuit priests from the 1940s to the 1990s, the victims’ attorneys said Friday.

            Blaine Tamaki, an attorney in Yakima, Washington, described the payment as “the largest settlement between a religious order and abuse victims in the history of the United States.”

        1. psyopticon

          And if the Vatican is running the world, how do you explain this type of article which you see almost daily“.

          The question is “why would the Vatican admit widespread child sex abuse among its priesthold?” Because it pays well?

          Because the Vatican moneybags – the financiers behind the Society of Jesus – are intimately involved in organised crime? Specifically institutionalised insurance fraud? Admitting culpability for a share of the compensation?

          The SJ is infamous for its role in the ‘subterranean economy’ – drug trade, arms trafficking, political and economic destabilisation, currency manipulation, money laundering, and so on. Often exploiting diplomatic immunity enjoyed by the Vatican city state to facilitate and conceal its criminal activities.


          Study the insurance industry, and see how it works. Insurance companies, including ecclesiastical insurers, use underwriting syndicates. Members of those syndicates actually shoulder the risk. Underwriting the possibility of drowning the baby during a baptism, the Cistine roof collapsing on visiting tourists, or an altar-boy being buggered by the village priest.

          There’s an important barrier to our understanding here. Because of risk collateralisation, the role of re-insurance, and privacy protection for the alleged abused — those insurance syndicate members never get to challenge a claim.

          At best, the members receive anonymised reports from claim ‘scrutineers’, with pre-agreed figures for damages. Little choice but to fork out.

          But what if the syndicate owners are in bed (pardon the pun) with the alleged abuse “claimants”?

          Follow the money.


          1. Hare Brain

            I don’t get it. Can you provide an example and show how the math works out. I understand insurance fraud where the claimant is trying to scam the insurance company, and when the insurance company is scamming the consumers. But in this situation, you’re saying there are fake claimants (controlled by the Church) who are scamming the insurance companies (who are controlled by who?) But then you said the underwriters for the insurance company is also in on it…i’m confused. Who is losing the money?

            And even if they do profit from it, why ruin their reputations for a few bucks?


            Over the weekend the Archdiocese of Los Angeles agreed to pay $660 million to settle lawsuits from hundreds of sex-abuse victims. About $250 million will come out of the diocese bank account; $60 million will come from other religious orders and another $123 million from litigation with orders that chose to sit out the deal. Insurance companies will pay the remaining $227 million

            Partly because of rising insurance costs, a small number of churches are foregoing the coverage. More than half of Catholic dioceses buy their insurance from Catholic Mutual, which operates a self-insurance fund for the Catholic Church in North America. No matter who forks over the money for damages, awards today are so large that some dioceses are facing bankruptcy.

  2. psyopticon

    The Story of the Founders of America feels like another hoax. The voyage of The Mayflower and the tale of the Pilgrim Fathers, more bunkum. Never mind the Jews, the idea of religious Puritanism driving the Plymouth Settlers sounds like hogwash, too. Did The Mayflower even set sail? Did the ship actually exist?

    The Mayflower Story is still being written to this day. And it gets ever more incredible and implausible.

    In 1959, an aristocratic English family descended from royalty, supposedly found a trunk in the attic of their fondi-owned country mansion. With the connivance of Sir Anthony Wagner, a royal flunkey and faux historian, they cooked up a fantastic tale about the Plymouth Settlers. Claiming that the long-forgotten trunk held evidence of their own ancestors being among those early colonialists. Complete rubbish, imvho, from start to finish.

    Supposedly the aristocratic family of young children were aboard The Mayflower. But inexplicably listed under false names on the passenger manifest. And accompanied by neither parent. But packed off “to give them a better life” in the New World. Alas nothing adds up. The children’s aristocratic family were obsequious royalists – with vast estates in England and Wales. At home in England they would want for nothing. And the family were definitely not religious dissenters. Thus a most unlikely family to put their children of such tender age on an unnecessary and opportunistic voyage of enormous risk.

    This whole story – about the Mayflower Children – is made up; a glaring case of historical revisionism. Yet in both Britain and America it’s accepted today as historical fact. Rarely challenged because the ‘right’ people are telling the tale – royal flunkeys and ivy league historians.

    Presumably this is a myth to ingratiate these imposters into the “Old Stock” of the Eastern Establishment, by claiming they were among those early Plymouth Settlers.

    Garnering social and political influence for their Anglophilic set. Securing them seats at the exclusive gala dinners of the Winthrop Society; places on the lecture circuits of The Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, and so on.

    America, like Britain, has a largely faux history; one that is being constantly re-hashed to the present day.

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