ISS Dragon Lady

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The 9th Operations Group (9th OG) is the operational flying component of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, stationed at Beale Air Force Base, California.

Source: 9th Operations Group – Wikiwand


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2 thoughts on “ISS Dragon Lady

  1. cj

    A few other quirks about Beale are that it used to have a camp that housed German POWs, I got to see the rubble. It’s a large base in terms of land area, and there were probably more cows grazing than there were people there..

    Also look into Pave Paws they have one of those at Beale. It’s supposed to be early warning radar but I’ve heard it may have some kind of passive long-distance electronic espionage use.…

    The thing always kind of creeped me out to be honest

  2. cj

    I was actually stationed at Beale AFB, was enlisted for a single term exiting over a decade ago. I was 9th Communications Squadron in the since disestablished AFSC 3C2

    I don’t think I really know what all went on there, even though I had a TS-SCI clearance, but they flew U2 spy planes all the time. That photo is kind of interesting, I’ve never thought of that possibility.

    I did meet a U2 pilot as almost a “field trip” kind of thing, I guess to show us a little bit more about what we were supporting. I can’t remember exact quotes but he described himself as an astronaut and showed off his suit and made some jokes about having to shit his pants during missions..

    Anyways, not much point to this comment other than I guess that Dragon Lady pilots might actually describe themselves as astronauts.

    I had a view of the flightline from my dorm and I saw U2’s practicing landing on a daily basis, which is a tricky thing due to the configuration of the landing gear along the narrow fuselage, and they used camaro chase cars to radio precise instructions to the pilots so that they could land basically blind. I never saw any strange equipment on the U2 planes.. nothing visible.

    When I was there they were talking about the Global Hawk as well, which has a kind of similar shape, but I never saw one at Beale personally. Other than the U2 I usually just saw KC-135 tankers and some small training jet I can’t remember.

    Anyways, just sharing what I know that’s an interesting idea here they do look similar


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