3 thoughts on “JLBE1575 | Evidence that ‘cointelpro paid shills’ exist? 

  1. khammad


    Assuming you are a paid cointelpro agent, how silly would it be of me to answer your A – F questions. What a fast and easy way for you to collect intelligence on all the fakeologists who answer. It seems like you are looking for precisely how we view shills so that you will have a plan on how to counter what we are correct about.

    Anyway, you have framed several questions in a way as to:
    1) suggest ridicule “Do you seriously believe there are paid shills …”
    2) create doubt “Is it possible that your evidence is less conclusive than you had previously thought …”
    3) Assume one is doing harm by questioning “Is it possible that the paid shill meme does more damage to the truth movement …”

    Your A – F questions are framed in a way that seems to suggest that you have another purpose which is to sway conflicting opinions about shills by throwing in some ridicule, creating doubt in ones mind, and suggesting people are doing something bad by questioning. Possibly a third purpose is to create some sort of divide among fakeologists who answer in a certain way. Why don’t you invite people to your website, you do have one, to respond to your A-F questions and take the drama back there.


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