3 thoughts on “Mucho kaka on the moon hoax

  1. Zalian

    If this guy is sooooooo smart, and put his lifework into this and that is his best argument, then i don’t know what to say.

    He ignores the question because he is so sure of himself being able to debunk this with his go to straw mans.

    Im sure we have all heared the debunking of his points by people smarter than him so i wont go back over them, but for the NLP crowd out there, if there was ever a guy that subtly put stuff in there, this would be the guy.

    Note the way he “casually” brings up his phd in this argument, ticking all the boxes by appeal to ridicule, school system indoctrination, authority and just good old “first hand experience” none of us can verify.

    He has access to things we dont (in this case the “moon” rock and high end microscopes), and he has the phd, so we should just belive him right??



  2. farcevalue

    I actually saw this on the teevee and was as miffed then as I am now about how Kaka completely ignores the questions posed by the caller and debunks other issues. But hey, science.


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