1 thought on “Simulated Humans and the Crisis Actor Meme – CGI Fake News 

  1. Clueseau

    Funny they’d make their Robbie Parker sim such a right bad actor. Why didn’t the CGI programmers at least make their sim a mediocre actor?

    Apparently, any semblance of skill at acting is against the Psyop Agent’s Handbook, since the publicly visible psyop agents, from the 9/11 witnesses to Youtube astroturfers, are so consistently lacking in that regard (and thus try to direct our attention elsewhere than this thinness in their disguises).

    Actually, these particular CGI programmers have quite captured the typical vices of low-grade acting – the belabored overwroughtness, the campy theatrics, the cornball tear-jerkiness, etc.

    Credit where credit’s due.

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