Moms killing children

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It takes quite a set of strange circumstances for a mother to kill her small child. Unless the woman is completely mentally incapacitated, the odds of committing infanticide must be miniscule.

Therefore, when a story surfaces in our fake media, we must ask questions.

Almost nothing in this story lends itself to credibility.

One favorite clue I like to check is the lawyer.

This case’s lawyer, Gary Batasar, yielded a goldmine of in the googlies.

First, how does one retain a lawyer so quickly? This makes no sense.

Gary has main ties to fake stories. First, he won the lottery! Readers know that I think lotteries are fixed. Is this windfall story just a cover to explain secret payments to Gary (if Gary is even a real person lawyer, if not an actor).

Second, Gary is tied to Canada’s lame Toronto 18 (9) case, clearly a simulated terror story.

Third, here’s another surely fake story about sex tourism that Gary is tied to. It’s full of occult numerology, all signs of fakery.


The mother of a 2-year old boy was held in custody following a brief bail hearing in Brampton court Tuesday morning, where she faced a charge of first-degree murder in the death of her son.Russom Tesfamar Yordanos, 27, was barely audible as she said her name in court, and kept her eyes fixed on the floor as she left the courtroom. Her next appearance is January 7, via video link.

Source: Mom charged with first-degree murder in death of boy, 2 | Toronto Star

We’ve had a couple more daylight killings in Toronto over the past week that smell fishy (staged street theater in the entertainment! district?). So what’s the point? Is it because these Grinches can’t let people be happy over the next few weeks, so they have to unleash these ghoulish stories to makes us all hate humanity and distrust each other. If so, then they are truly sick — but we already knew that, didn’t we?

Toronto female stabber (looks like a sim)


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2 thoughts on “Moms killing children

  1. Terran Downvale

    Speaking of recent shady stabbings…

    The specter of “Noah Pozner” appears again, this time in Paris. I’m not saying it’s the same jacket or the same kid. I’m just saying it’s all BS!

    Original photo here:…

    From this article:…

    In an interesting twist, it turns out the stabbing story is an admitted HOAX!…

    So I imagine now that when people search “Paris attack hoax,” this story will flood their results.

    Here’s the Noah Pozner Spiderman video:…

    And here’s the article with Noah’s sister talking about his love of Spiderman:…

    UPDATE: Look at the round patch on the arm of the Spiderman boots kid’s jacket and the round thing on the door in the Pozner photo. Also, the sheepskin on the girl’s boots just like Noah’s jacket. Sheeple reference?

    UPDATE 2: Another story that ties these two events together: Man Stabs 22 Children at a school in China on 12/14/12:…

    22 children = 11+11. Students were 6 to 11. Attacker was 36 years old.

    EDIT: I just want to make sure it’s clear since my diagram is a bit cluttered. In the Paris photo, you can clearly see the word PONZER (as opposed to Pozner) spray-painted on the wall. That was the first thing in this photo that caught my attention.


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