Audiochat-Kham explains refugee camps

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A well done audio on people clearing, a business the UN is very good at.


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7 thoughts on “Audiochat-Kham explains refugee camps

  1. Clueseau

    To whom it may concern:

    For the record, I have never posted on Fakeologist chat. I’ve never even read it.

    Apparently anyone can post on Fakeologist chat, under any username including one that is already used by someone else in the comment sections of this blog.

  2. Curious


    Your posting on Fakeologist chat: Fri. dec. 18 1.34.40
    Curious and Clueseau are the same. May I remind you, it’s you who invited Clueseau , not that long ago, for adding you on his “skype” list. Well Khammad I don’t have “skype”. To be very honest with you, I considered that invitation as a smokescreen.
    To keep the whole thing short. I have no respekt for you and consider you as an absolute …………. ( you can fill in yourself, absolute not positive)
    You are a d…….bag.

    1. Curious

      As this whole thing took me by surprise, may I remind you Khammad you literally stated to me in a reply: I and Clueseau know each other and share the same interests. Reply to me when I vented my opinion that you and C. are the same person.
      Things are said and you can draw your own conclusion. For me you are a plant and not a small one.

    2. khammad

      Here is my actual post:

      Khammad: Curious and Clueseau have almost the same writing style and voice. And both do a good job of arguing with each other. Also, both of your grammar errors are very similar. Interesting.

    1. khammad

      Isis is the perfect cover story.

      Mainstream media and the government are all blaming Isis. How large does Isis have to be to cause the exodus of over 2 million people over the span of 4 years? I would imagine Isis would have to be as large as a country’s standing army with all the weapons they possess as well. The consistent effort at moving people needs sophisticated logistics capabilities. Moving 2 million people is massive undertaking.

      And Isis has all this? Not bloody likely.


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