A tale of Elvis and Aron Presley

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Miles Mathis either writes a super tall tale or does some great research. I tend to believe the latter.

Here’s his latest very entertaining piece on the Elvis Intelligence Project.

I don’t expect this paper to be very popular. After all, most people like Elvis—at least early Elvis. To take some of the sting out of it, let me say I like Elvis, too. By outing him, I am not implying he wasn’t talented or fun to watch. He was. He was a good looking guy with a nice voice and a lot of charisma. That is why he was chosen. That and other reasons.

To get started, we will once again go down the page, looking for red flags. I will show you how to read those markers and how to link out to more important information. The first thing we find is that Elvis was a twin. We are told his twin died at birth, but not everything we are told is true. So we should put that on the shelf with a question mark by it. People often write to me asking me if the spooks are using cloning, and this question ties into that. My short answer is that they don’t need to, since nature already does it. Intelligence looks for twins, which are already clones of a sort. We saw it in my last paper on David Irving, who is also a twin. As I said there, the nice thing about twins is that they can be in two places at once. And if you lose one, you always have a spare.


Elvis Presley Conspiracy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUyGJh…

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17 thoughts on “A tale of Elvis and Aron Presley

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Ab said – ”Miles Mathis either writes a super tall tale or does some great research. I tend to believe the latter”.

    Tom says – I gently tend to believe the former.

    Elvis did have a Jewish connection it seems “…Nancy Burdine was married to Abner Tackett (Elvis’ great great maternal grandmother). Nancy was of particular interest to Gladys for her Jewish heritage, often remembering Nancy’s sons for their Jewish names Sidney and Jerome. Nancy and Abner had a daughter Martha who married White Mansell. The daughter which they named Octavia, nick-named Doll, who was Elvis’ maternal grandmother.”

    After his mothers’ death Elvis encouraged the inclusion of the symbol on her grave and does appear himself to have embraced his Jewish roots, certainly, to an extent.

    ”The very last display case, before you left the building ( Graceland ) to roam the grounds, featured the things Elvis was wearing the night he died. Included were his religious paraphernalia, which he “always wore,” the docent told me: a cross and a Chai pendant”

    Read more: forward.com/opinion/204893/on-…

    That the Star of David on her original grave had ‘disappeared’ by the time Elvis had died and he and Gladys were given new graves, does not look that suspicious to me because Vernon, as rumor has it, was a bit of an anti semite and was in charge of the new grave designs.

    On the spelling of Aaron with a double ”a”, again there seems a fairly plausible explanation. Apparently Elvis himself had adopted the ‘correct’ spelling of the name Aaron and had been using it on legal documents in his later life.

    Billy Smith:” One day in late ’66, I was talking to Elvis about religion, and he bought up Aaron. I said, ‘That’s something I’ve always wondered, Elvis. How come you spell ‘Aaron’ with one ‘A’ when it’s two ‘A’s’ in the Bible? Because Elvis might have been named for Vernon’s friend Aaron Kennedy, but he always referred to it as a Hebrew name and how Aaron was the brother of Moses. And he said, ‘Well, back when I was growing up, a lot of people around Tupelo didn’t spell right’. Elvis looked over at Vernon and said, ‘As a matter of fact, Daddy, from now on, I want my name written with two ‘A’s, especially on legal documents’. That’s why it has two ‘A’s on the gravestone. (Below, Vernon Presley at Elvis’ grave at Graceland.”

    Elvis’ ‘ Jewishness’ is an interesting detail, and surely could have done no harm to the boys chances in the world of show business, but I’m not sure we should make the leap Mathis seems to, that Elvis was bred along with his not-really-dead twin brother, for stardom by the shadowy hand ? Really?

    Mathis seems to suggest that Elvis ran around with The Memphis Mafia in his pre-fame days. This isn’t what we are told by the official story. It was the media themselves that named Elvis’ gang which largely came together some time after his fame. It reads as if Mathis is trying to spin Elvis as some sponsored gangster from a young age and not the sweet and shy, housing project kid who sang in church that we have heard about from a multitude of witnesses over the years and which still seems a credible picture to me. But, hey, what do I know? I’m still open to anything.

    George Klein was a good friend from Eighth Grade who stayed with Elvis to the end.
    Outside of his family, Klein was Elvis’ oldest friend.

    It seems logical Elvis would have adopted some Jewish sympathy from his beloved mother who largely raised him on her own . For the distinctive odd-ball to have found a friend in Klein at that time is no surprise to me. So what, really ? It’s not so much evidence of some great contrivance , as evidence that Elvis was comfortable making friends with Jews at a time when perhaps being anti Jewish was more widespread and that this trait would have done him no harm in the world of Show Business.

    On Colonel Tom Parker, he always struck me as being a totally controllable rogue. As long as he was making money, he was happy.
    If the Colonel was really the Dutch connection for some great Phillips records con, why was he apparently so terrified of leaving the country?
    Elvis never toured Europe. The Colonels fear of leaving the country is often cited, and appears the only logical explanation. Why would such a powerful man be so nervous of his legal status, if he felt he was connected at a very high level? Or, maybe there’s another reason Elvis never left The States ?

    Did Elvis really die in 1977 ? I don’t know.

    What I do know is that there were performances of Elvis from 1977 that used to be on youtube which I can’t find anymore, which showed him to be completely out of it on some strong medication. There’s still plenty of footage from 1977 which shows him pretty darn stoned on some heavy shit, but there was some quite shocking stuff which I can’t find anymore.

    This wasn’t some sketchy mobile phone footage from a clip on the news. There was a whole show, a TV special, where he was actually unable to talk coherently. We really saw a shambles with Elvis at the very end. I think this tarnished his reputation somewhat and left a less than flattering memory of the man in the white jump suit to many of my generation. (I was ten years old in 1977 and a big Elvis 1955-1970 fan).
    I watched those pathetic, shambolic TV specials at the time and thought Elvis was past it.

    There is a lot of properly filmed concert footage from 1977 and I do remember there being, I think two, Elvis concert specials in 1977 on our televisions in the UK. Then he died. We have to ask, did someone know?
    Maybe it was a coincidence, maybe there were Elvis specials on all the time.
    It’s just my impression on review that there’s actually a disproportionate amount of concert footage from 1977 and that might be telling. More to explore..

    Elvis appeared extremely ill during some of his later appearances and this seems consistent with what appears to have been exposed about his legendary 15 year drug taking.
    It does seem quite likely he could have just died. We had plenty of time to watch quite a sick man.

    These are my meandering thoughts.

    Right now I tend to believe good friend Joe Esposito is honest here. 11-50 mins for Elvis’s death. I’ve been wrong before though. I’d have to look at it more.

    For me the weakest part of Miles’ essay are the photographic suggestions.
    He puts up a couple of black and white photos and says something to the effect of ”Same Dutch eyebrows!”

    Ha! No, I can’t tell. But what do I know?

    Maybe there’s a pair of Elvis’ running around still? ! Garon and Aron, double agents extraordinaire!
    It is possible!
    Also, the statue of liberty still does look a bit like Elvis doesn’t it ?

    Happy Christmas

    Elvisly Yours,

    1. richard benedict

      @Tom, yes, I remember the footage you are talking about with Elvis. His incoherent ramblings were reminiscence of Barbara Jean’s breakdown in the movie Nashville

      I think the Elvis footage you are talking about has been scrubbed. This is the closest I could find. The poor devil was reduced to reading the song lyrics from a page 🙁
      [@37:32 mark singing “My Way” while holding lyrics sheet]

      Lest we forget:

      Ab asks “Is any band organic and not made by the Intel agencies?”

      For the time period McGowan includes, the late ’60s and early ’70s, there were a trio of bands that sold more records and were more popular collectively and in some cases individually that any other intel/elite bloodline competitors:


      “Second only to The Beach Boys in Billboard singles and albums chart success among American bands, Chicago is one of the longest-running and most successful rock groups, and one of the world’s best-selling groups of all time, having sold more than 100 million records.
      According to Billboard, Chicago was the leading US singles charting group during the 1970s. They have sold over 40 million units in the US, with 23 gold, 18 platinum, and 8 multi-platinum albums”

      Guitarist Terry Kath was considered a genius and admired among his peers, including Jimi Hendrix


      Three Dog Night

      “The band registered 21 Billboard Top 40 hits (with three hitting number one) between 1969 and 1975”
      For the record, Chuck Negron was a denizen of Laurel Canyon and Cory Wells served a stint in the Air Force. Big deal



      “The duo’s brand of melodic pop produced a record-breaking run of hit recordings on the American Top 40 and Adult Contemporary charts, and they became leading sellers in the soft rock, easy listening and adult contemporary genres. The Carpenters had three No. 1 singles and five No. 2 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and fifteen No. 1 hits on the Adult Contemporary chart. In addition, they had twelve top 10 singles. To date, the Carpenters’ album and single sales total more than 100 million units.”


      I found no discernible indicators of intel/elite bloodlines in these three acts. And for the record, a double bill featuring Carpenters and Chicago would boast more genuine talent than all of the so called Laurel Canyon acts combined.

      Terry Kath (1946 –1978)

  2. richard benedict

    Miles, take off, eh? You hoser.
    “… But just remember the strange lines from the Beatles’ song Dig It, Like the FBI and the CIA, and the BBC, B.B. King, and Doris Day, Matt Busby. Hmmm. What do all those things have in common? Well, the first three are pretty self-explanatory. Doris Day was outed in my paper on Sharon Tate, where we saw her son Terry Melcher neck-deep in the gigantic hoax. She was also Jewish, being originally Doris Kappelhoff”

    The enigmatic Miles is referring to the Doris Day that was replaced

    The original Doris Day


    The replacement.


    So this big time portrait painter can not tell the difference between the two Doris Days? The very Doris Day who, along with Paul McCartney, is the most famous poster child of celebrity replacements?

    Take off, ya hoser.

    The song by the replacement John Lennon is about replacement celebrities like Bob Dylan.
    I go into detail here:




    MIles Mathis does identify the two different Elvis’ . The question is are we looking at twins or a clever replacement? To find the answer we need to look at Ab’s original question: Are there any popular groups that are not intel creations? The answer is yes, there are organic groups that are not part of the intel/music scene; however, many original talents have their identity hijacked and are replaced. The Beatles are a prime example. They were replaced…. Here are other examples.
    Olivia Newton John



    John Denver


    Even political researchers are replaced. Ab posted the fake Friz Springmeier


    Here is real one

    The real Springmeier wrote about Elvis, and “twinning”, including the role Mae Boren Axton played in promoting the young Elvis. The realities Springmeier wrote about lead to his replacement. Miles offers you a glimpse into this world then promptly leads into the world of the ridiculous, where Elvis and Lennon still perform.

    Yes, the entertainment industry is an arm of the intelligence agencies and celebrities avatars from their world. But not all are raised into it, Mickey Mouse club style, ala Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, et al. nor military style ala Dave McGowan. There are people with real talent, real charm and charisma who enter the entertainment world. And at some point, for whatever reason, their identities are hijacked and replaced.

    Mathis is hosing people. You mean to tell me this big time portrait artist can’t tell the difference between the two Doris Days? This uber intelligent person avers that the real Elvis comes out of retirement to sing as an Elvis impersonator?

    Look carefully at the picture below. Is that really Bob Dylan’s twin with that I sold my soul to the Devil look?

    1. Blue Moon

      People age- People in show biz age differently- They try to retard the aging- Their faces do change, but artificially through plastic surgery- Are some replaced? Possibly, but facial recognition using old black and white promotional films from the forties and slick A list color features from the fifties of a much older Doris Day prove nothing- There is way too much sloppy work being done regarding this “replacement” fetish- The original clowns hired to be, say, Paul or Joan, were already in the fold and on message- They would not have been spotlighted and promoted if they weren’t- Why replace them? The certainty, via the likes of the recently “departed” Dave McGowan, that ALL of the promoted celebs are from the manor born is very plausible- Talent scouts hoping to find the next big thing and cashing in while delighting the public is a complete fairy tale- Pop culture is as planned and prepared far in advance just like economic ups and downs and wars- Nothing is left to chance when a select few control all the roads to fame and fortune- These chosen personas (which Joe Atwill defines as Lifetime Actors) do not deviate from the agenda, only occasionally appearing to do so in the role of controlled dissent, ie, Lennon-

      1. richard benedict

        @Blue Moon You write “…Why replace them? …Nothing is left to chance when a select few control all the roads to fame and fortune- These chosen personas (which Joe Atwill defines as Lifetime Actors) do not deviate from the agenda, only occasionally appearing to do so in the role of controlled dissent, ie, Lennon-”

        Suzzane Somers is an example of someone who they could not control and who was replaced. Look at the picture below. [There is more but I do know how to post additional photos. ]

        First, the replacement changed the hair color and hair style, make up style too. You know why it is done. The real Suzanne had round blue eyes, the double has grey and more narrow eyes

        Keep in mind that 1977 is the year of the replacement and her double appeared in Three’s Company episodes in 1978. The difference in appearance can not be attributed to aging nor plastic surgery as there is nothing to improve in the original. In the TV show, there is a height discrepancy when compared with co star Joyce Dewitt. [BTW, the photo I posted of Dylan is only a couple of years apart]

        Now about the possible reasons for this replacement, at least how I see them.

        “Somers appeared in two Playboy cover-feature nude pictorials, in 1980 and 1984. The first set of photos was taken by Stan Malinowski in February 1970 when Somers was a struggling model and actress and did a test photoshoot for the magazine. She was accepted as a Playmate candidate in 1971, but declined to pose nude before the actual shoot. During a The Tonight Show appearance, she denied ever posing nude (except for a High Society topless photo), which prompted Playboy to publish photos from the Malinowski shoot a decade later, in 1980.[15] The second nude pictorial by Richard Fegley appeared in December 1984 in an attempt by Somers to regain her popularity after being terminated from Three’s Company in 1982.”

        Note that the real Suzanne declines to pose nude even when she was very young and unknown. While the double was happy to do it in 1980 and 1984. What else Suzanne may have declined some years after?.. Think about it, looking at her photo.


        Blue Moon, if the culture and the stars are as tightly controlled as you assert, why would the real Suzanne refuse to pose nude?

        As far as Doris day goes, just watch her color movies from the 1950 til 1956 and it is easy to see the difference after ’56..

        Finally, I must ask, Blue Moon, do you really doubt David McGowan died? Does he not look and sound ill in his interview with John Wells?

        1. Blue Moon

          Richard Benedict-I can’t say I’m convinced of Somers being a franchise- It seems like too much effort for such a marginal character- And how many ambitious actresses hesitate to drop trou to get attention? The two photos tell me nothing- Mascara, contact lenses and a hair cut can change an appearance rather dramatically- Plus, there’s no real telling with photography unless, like Mathis, one can clearly identify specific facial features- I don’t see anything in these photos to suggest a replacement, though it could well be two different people because, to seemingly contradict myself, her publicists have given her an obvious makeover to the point one can’t be that certain- The chin, lips and nose, though, seem identical-

          1. richard benedict

            @Blue Moon, it is not uprising that you are unsure of the difference as one has to be completely soulless and blind to think that real Paul McCartney or real Joan Baez are “hired clowns.”

            May I suggest you think about WHY then Fritz Springmeier was imprisoned and replaced… A man who told the world about the atrocities that are going on…or did he just “age”?

            Please examine these two videos of a young David Icke. Are the differences there just “age”?



            The original David Icke was in the culture industry. Did he witness and try to speak out about the realities of the entertainment industry that Fritz Springmeier described? Remember Jerry Savile, Corey Haim + Corey Feldman, Todd Bridges, etc? Or am I suppose to think that all is manufactured and faked, and no one ever dies for real.

            I don’t recall anyone arguing that any fakologists are replaced.

            Blue Moon you wrote:

            “…The original clowns hired to be, say, Paul or Joan, were already in the fold and on message- They would not have been spotlighted and promoted if they weren’t- Why replace them? The certainty, via the likes of the recently “departed” Dave McGowan, that ALL of the promoted celebs are from the manor born is very plausible-

            The phenomenon I am describing has it’s reflection in the world of normal people too. We like all that is real much more. Real food is much more tasty than “manufactured”, like, fruit that get ripe in the sun is the only that have taste, compared to those grown in a greenhouse. Real leather feels very different from artificial. Real fur and stones are so expensive for a reason.

            The same with talent. People don’t buy into manufactured. They simply don’t like it. “They” need a “corridor” of real love for a performer or artist to push the agenda message – as simple as that. “All you need is love” If you read into the lyrics of this tricky song, I believe you can see what they were saying by it.

            But there are no purely “scientific”methods of proving my point. Other than comparing photos and videos, detractors can always say that all the comps are not convincing. I believe the evidence I provide is convincing. I can explain and show what has to be perceived from the photos, but I realize there are some you’ll never persuade with a photo comparison. They will just say they don’t see the difference. I hope that is the case. I would hate to think I was being gaslighted.

            Which reminds me: What about my question regarding the death of Dave McGowan? Do you sincerely doubt he died?

  3. Blue Moon

    Here’s a note I sent off to Miles- (I can’t be certain if I’m serious or not but these are the kind’s of thoughts I get when told there are Jews everywhere, hiding in plain sight)

    Miles Mathis-
    A thought came to me as you listed many Jewish assets involved in the Southern Fried Christian-laced Elvis Aron Presley project- John Harvey Kellogg, the Corn Flakes cereal maven and quack “doctor”, was the chief salesman of the idea, which became a widespread practice, of routine circumcision for newborn American males of any cultural stripe- Now Kellogg was a Seventh Day Adventist (co-founded by Ellen Gould White, nee: Harmon) until he was kicked out late in life, but if ever one of the Christian/Intel cults of the mid nineteenth century smacked of a deliberate dissection of the primary Xtian denominations, it’s this Sabbath observant, OT prophecy driven variant-
    So, my question is this: Do you suppose that this push for circumcision was a ploy to easier hide Jewish male assets within a now much wider pool of Gentile clipped pork swords??? Kellogg also preached veganism, IMO a philosophy designed to starve the cholesterol that makes up much of the brain- As well, he thundered on publically against sexuality in order to traumatize normal sexual impulses with, likely, an eye to population reduction (A fairly obvious agenda of the elites)- His evolving pantheism reeks also of deliberate dilution of religious conviction and the attendant redirection into impulse buying to stave off existential angst rather than tithing in exchange for spiritual refreshment-
    Yours, etc.

    1. Jack33

      B.M. , That’s an interesting angle on circumcision and one I hadn’t thought of before. It makes perfect sense if you buy into the whole ‘Jew conspiracy’ thing, which I haven’t done yet…although I’ve seen some good research lately which seems to lend credence to this theory.
      For now, I’ll remain undecided – jumping to conclusions prematurely is a thing of my past.

      Btw – I’m curious…what did MM have to say in response?

      Please let us know,


      1. Blue Moon

        Mathis usually gives a one sentence response, if at all- He thought Kellogg might in fact be Jewish, or at least part of the deliberate Xtian denominational bifurcations, like 7th Day Adventists, run by government intel in the 19th century- Unfortunately, I lost the email or I’d paste it-

        1. Jack33

          I exchanged some e mails with him awhile back and noticed the same thing.

          He did tell me he liked this site and the work being done here. I invited him to come on sometime for an interview but he declined, stating he doesn’t do interviews or participate in any online forums. He must remain vigilant.

          Considering his research and the conclusions he draws, I’d imagine he’s a major target for all different types. Who can blame him for keeping his guard up.

    2. Blue Moon

      RB- I don’t know anything about the “real” Dave McGowan- Okay, he’s dead- That means either he is dead and gone or that persona is dead and gone and he’s on to some other assignment- Most people thought he was the genuine article- He may have been, but he gets into print and then he croaks- What’s the message here? Don’t get a legit publisher or don’t chain smoke? Which one killed him? I don’t know- My default position is that he may have been, at best, damage control- If he was genuine, so be it- His stuff was useful up to a point, connecting dots and associations- He never did go all the way with media fakery that is obvious to most people here- For me, Mathis is far more useful-

      Also, that stuff about the public and love connecting to “artists” is a lot of touchy feely malarkey- The Beatles were going nowhere until Epstein and his machine (with lots of Pound Sterling changing hands) got behind them, took away their Teddy boy look and feminized them and their songs to make them safe for suburban kids- Same with Baez- Her family was as spooked-up as they come- These kids, as McGowan repeatedly pointed out, were sons and daughters of intel connected parents- Their “artistry” is manufactured for them and any real artists are either compromised and dumbed down, or elbowed off the stage into cultish obscurity- They dominate the charts and the biggest venues and television because they serve the agenda and are positioned so that we see and hear only them, not because they are just great artists and great art always wins out- Looking at the smoking ruins of our cultural landscape, that should be painfully clear- Artistry is not welcomed-

      1. richard benedict

        BM-fair enough, peace treaty…I glad to know we see eye to eye with McGowan.

        “…he may have been, at best, damage control- If he was genuine, so be it- His stuff was useful up to a point, connecting dots and associations- He never did go all the way with media fakery that is obvious to most people here- For me, Mathis is far more useful-”

        I agree with you. I found McGowan cagey around certain topics, unreliable in others. Mathis is more useful-greater scope and depth than McGowan, yet Mathis invariably jumps the rails at the conclusion of his essays. I find your book on JFK better than anything either them wrote, [although Mathis’s Tate essay is a respectable also ran]. Unlike McGowan’s work, your book fearlessly explores the evidentiary pathways and does not falter at the shocking conclusion. Nor do you betray the strength of your reasoning skills by injecting outlandish assertions as Mathis does.

        What is the status of your book? Will it be published in hardback? It is excellent. IMHO, its importance can not be overstated. Perhaps you could speak with Ab about your book having its own tab at the ribbon adorning the top of the page? The tab would look great next to the NASA Hoax tab. “JFK Mock Execution” It would be a shame if there were visitors to this site who are interested in media fakery and unaware of your book.
        Here is the link,.

        BTW, imho, below is the smoking gun evidence that that it was a mock execution. BM, you mention this video in your book. The only explanation for someone reading a script about the McKinley assassination is if you are faking the death and you want to make it more believable. If your were truly to kill him, this method of covering all of your bases is unnecessary.

        1. Blue Moon

          If Ab wants to post the PDF link or embed it himself, he’s free to do so- I won’t say my take is the last word on the subject, but it is MY last word on the subject-

          BTW, when I was polishing this book and getting ready to publish, Miles Mathis brought out his JFK paper- Lately I’ve been doing research on Hitler and the British/German royals and their respective intel agencies and now it looks like Mathis is doing something similar, at least regarding Uncle Adolph- I wonder if it’s kismet or my emails are being tapped…. resting…


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