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Survival of television itself behind fake news hoaxes 

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Newspapers’ very survival also survives on fake stories. I noticed that the only columnists left in Toronto are the old (real ones) who do all the emotional, heart tugging personal stories and profiles of the vicsims in our own local fake stories. Without fake stories, there really is very little to print.

Expect the intelligence agencies to shift to youtube, netflix, and even some of your favorite podcasts – like Serial. After listening to season one, I am almost sure that it was based on a fake story – portrayed as real (it took me a while to realise it, as my own cursory research brought little reality). Season 2 looks like more of the same.

The very survival of television as a functioning medium depends upon the constant stream of fake scandals, fake crimes, and fake crises which the media itself manufactures.It is very easy to imagine that the networks have used consumer surveys to surmise that ’24 hour News’ and its offshoot talkshows, scandals, and gossip constitute virtually the only reason cited by subscribers for continuing their cable services.Number one on the list of reasons for paying to have ads and irritating smut streamed into your home1. “without television, I will be cut off from important information. Television is my main means of staying informed.”So , lets put together what purpose ‘manufacturing news’ serves to those making a lavish income in television might serve. Ratings? No.The sheer survival of television itself depends upon today’s ‘information hungry’ subscriber being kept in a constant state of fear and anxiety about the latest ‘crisis’, or the latest ‘worrisome trend’ , or ‘disgusting scandal’ etc.Nearly 100% of which are completely fake.It is not just incomes which are at stake should television go extinct.Without fake news, television would be gone. Gone with it would be the most powerful tool for mass social control in history, and the end of an era.

Source: Survival of television itself behind fake news hoaxes – Let’s Roll Forums

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