More Flat Adam

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Cluesham will be happy with Dvorák at 2:23:00 scoffing at Adam’s investigation.  He specifically questions the curve formula that is the easiest for us simpleton observers to see that the curve model doesn’t match what we observe.…

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5 thoughts on “More Flat Adam

  1. khammad

    At around 2:23:00, Adam talks about how one shouldn’t see a light house at 6 miles out. Adam said that “at 6 miles out the light house drops something like 100 feet.”…

    Incorrect. At 6 miles out there is a 24 foot drop, at sea level, not a 100 feet drop like Adam said. Check it out yourself. But if you are on a ship, standing up, say 20 feet above the sea, then you will see all but 2 inches of the light house. Adam is just plain wrong, as most people are who says we see stuff that we are not supposed to. If this is still your claim, send me your numbers. So far all the numbers point to curvature with an earths radius of 7918 miles.

    Is it more likely that Adam’s honest opinion is that he really thinks the earth is flat and really has serious questions with the curvature, even though he could have used the earth curvature calculator to answer his light house questions


    perhaps just like how Adam gets paid not to reveal media fakery, ever, he also got paid to mention flat earth and to support it, as if it were reasonable.

    For this part of the script, John C Dvorak will take the roll of Kham, and Adam Curry will take the roll of Ab.

  2. khammad

    Ya Ab, that was weird, like Adam was talking directly to you and me because he used nearly the identical words we use to describe curvature and stuff, like he used the word “drop”. Of all the internet sources I have read over the last few months very few of them use the word “drop”.

  3. Rollo

    Obleak , The word is Oblate , What a bunch of cunts these are
    They’re right on man made Climate Change being BULLSHIT
    Theyre still cunts, TALK ABOUT MEDIA FAKERY
    Adam and John will never do that, Space Aliens Really
    Bunch of Cunts, I’d rather Jones and Trump than these Cunts

    Heres the link to the MP3…

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