6 thoughts on “Las Vegas #HRDPAR

  1. Blue Moon

    Great stuff, TD- Diagrams are good short hand to spot the fakery- What a find twixt the Bally bowler and the sim perpetrator- Just don’t go comparing ear architecture between dead presidents and current pop stars- Goldbuggery is always looking for a way into the discussion-

    1. Terran Downvale

      Well, I don’t wanna clutter up this post with my unrelated crazy diagrams but I found a super sticky & sweet morsel of Goldbuggery bait the other day. See pic below. What’s your vote on this “Samir Kantar” entity? He looks like such a ridiculous cartoon character glaring at us from under those dark evil brows with a pseudo Hitler ‘stache, giving a Heil salute. Total sim possibly modeled after Jack Black? Real person with an intentional resemblance? Actual Goldbuggery? No connection at all?

  2. Videre

    In a city that is filled with tourists, where almost everyone has a smartphone and is a potential journalist, you would think 37 ambulances would be sight to see. Many people have trained themselves to pull out and start video taping the scene of a car accident. Where is the video of this catastrophe?

    No footage anywhere other than this the stupid first responders standing around picking their noses? Flashing lights and some police tape is all that is required for a story to be considered real.

    Why don’t our sleeping friends wake up?

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