Daily Archives: December 24, 2015

Am I watching sims?

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My most expensive gift to my children this year was the video game the sims. The simulation is very convincing in every way.

I am now seeing sims everywhere in the news. Sims are so compliant and pliable, and don’t have to be paid. They’ll say and do anything.

Am I looking at sims in this “press conference” – at least, are the faces transposed over real bodies to make sim-security guards?

The guard sitting on the right – his darting simmy eyes are “surreal” – meaning, of course, NOT real. Am I seeing things?

Nate McNeil says the moment he took down a machete-wielding man at a busy downtown office building is still a blur.

Source: Guard describes machete attack as ‘surreal’

The simulation is REAL – how far it goes is a constantly moving target.

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