Am I watching sims?

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My most expensive gift to my children this year was the video game the sims. The simulation is very convincing in every way.

I am now seeing everywhere in the news. Sims are so compliant and pliable, and don’t have to be paid. They’ll say and do anything.

Am I looking at sims in this 0;press conference” – at least, are the faces transposed over real bodies to make sim-security guards?

The guard sitting on the right – his darting simmy eyes are “surreal” – meaning, of course, NOT real. Am I seeing things?

Nate McNeil says the moment he took down a machete-wielding man at a busy downtown office building is still a blur.

Source: Guard describes machete attack as ‘surreal’

The simulation is REAL – how far it goes is a constantly moving target.

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1 thought on “Am I watching sims?

  1. Videre

    The movement in the video you presented looks odd and very fluid – not much like our dull and natural world. The expressions/voice is odd too.

    I believe sims are presented to us a lot more than we realize. The funny looks expressed by the subjects, I believe are meant to distract us. They appear as tell tale signs to those of us who are aware of the magician’s trick. We see these clues over an over in different news pieces and psyops. It would be interesting to compile a list.

    It is very difficult to make a face consistent in multiple shots and angles. If you look at the collection of interviews of Robbie Parker in Sandy Hook, they all make him look odd but he looks like a number of different people that don’t quite resemble each other much. I guess there is really no need to be consistent in their work as the average person doesn’t pay much close attention.

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