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FAK151-Tom Dalpra

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When? Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 at 7:22pm

Who? Tom Dalpra, Derealium




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Crisis acting pays well, very well

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IFF (If and only if) this story is true, even a little bit, then we can see the (de)value of money in getting actors to go along with a revolutionary psyOp.

Thirty-six years after their capture, the Americans taken hostage inTehran in 1979 are set to receive millions in compensation for their 444 days of captivity.

Thanks to a provision in the spending deal signed into law last week, each of the 53 hostages and their estates are set to receive up to $4.4 million, with spouses and children eligible for a $00,000 payment.

Source: Iran Hostage Crisis Victims Get Compensation 36 Years Later

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