Weiss exposing himself

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David Weiss not making a sensible argument at all with this latest video trying to discredit Simon or cluesforum.info.

Weiss’ latest material is only supporting Simon’s DBA theory on his true intentions.

H/t Wade

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5 thoughts on “Weiss exposing himself

  1. smj

    that was horrible; the desperate sim was oh so close to making it to the open air corridor that just so happened to be located behind the conspicuous psi symbols.

  2. Clueseau

    This is the first I’ve heard of a 9/11-related DBA.

    The video’s use of captivating showmanship in place of a sensible argument is familiar from the other DBA – i.e. the big-budget flop of 2015.

    The same “too clever by half” perps at work, no doubt.

  3. LennyLeverhulme

    I posted the following comment at David’s video here, but it may get deleted, as is his wont, so I repost here:

    “…I would also point out that in the first piece of alleged footage (by one “Kevin Segalla”) the black smoke is about two stories above the jumper’s head (0:42), while in the corresponding footage by the other “amateur” guy (the Taliercio footage) the dense smoke is just some few feet, if that, above his head, and certainly not nearly two stories away (0:52). If this is the same event, then one of these pieces of film has got to be bullshit, so why wouldn’t both of them be bullshit??”

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