Half fake story?

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I have a contact that says this flight DID come back to Toronto. The occult indicate . Common sense asks why would this plane come all the way back to Toronto? Why not land on the coast and boot the jerk? Why not tether him to a seat? Why cost the airline an unrecoverable hundreds of thousands?

Even without the numbers, the story makes little sense. Therefore, there’s probably another reason it came back that we’ll never know.

This shows me that they may mix fakery with real to confuse and cover. As if sorting out the truth wasn’t hard enough!

An Alberta man was charged Wednesday after a flight attendant was injured aboard an Air Canada flight en route to India, forcing the plane to return to Toronto.The airline said the Boeing 787-8 was carrying 232 passengers when it took off from Toronto for Delhi on Tuesday evening.The plane had to turn around about two and a half hours into the flight due to an 0;incident involving a disruptive passenger,” a spokesman said.”A flight attendant sustained injuries requiring medical treatment,” said Peter Fitzpatrick. “Police met the aircraft after it landed about 2:20 a.m. Wednesday.”Peel Regional Police said a man had allegedly assaulted the flight attendant around 12:42 a.m. when the flight was over the Atlantic Ocean, just off the East Coast.They say the 47-year-old was “belligerent” at the time, but was arrested without incident when the plane landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Source: Jaskaran Sidhu Charged After Air Canada Flight To India Returns To Toronto

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