Us and them

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Amazing passage about the problem with secret societies or any clique among any group.

This brings us to the issue of secret societies — can one function without becoming a vehicle for domination/control/dishonesty? Picture an organization in which some co-workers start a secret-society or a school in which students start a secret society. The secret society inevitably implants a belief of 0;us-and-them” in the members’ minds, and a desire to control/influence things to work in the favor of the covert organization. The “Us-And-Them” mindset that secret-society members have, of course, classifies “them” as all of society around them — everything other than their club. In a school, this would be the rest of the student body. In an organization, this would be the rest of the co-workers. And an “Us-And-Them” mentality is inherently hostile, and is a one-way road to wanting more control for the “Us” and less for “Them”.

This is the way a secret society is inevitably going to be.…

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