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How many sides to a loonie?

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I was given an old fashioned one dollar coin today when a woman heard I didn’t have one for my shopping cart. My jr. Fakeologist counted its irregularly shaped circumference. Guess what it added up to?  Continue reading

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Radio Rollo w/ShayP

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Marathon session with the Rollmeister and ShayP.

Featuring the music of Queen and Radiohead, and a ten minute “can you hear me” section.


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Jungle bests Russian on 9/11

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Junglesurfer is right about 9/11,at least more than Russianvids is in his analysis and final theory.

Update: Jungle response:

Simon weighs in:

“Russianvids” has never watched a Hollywood action movie…

I find it rather astonishing (if not depressing and/or tragic) to see how many folks still cannot bring themselves to accept that the 9/11 imagery was essentially a prefabricated special fx Hollywood action movie. I can’t believe that, after all these years, this is still (seemingly) so hard to understand, especially on the part of ‘cutting-edge’ media fakery Youtube researchers / videomakers such as “Russianvids”. Of course, I’m assuming here – for the sake of good will – that “Russianvids” is NOT one of the numerous cointelpro disinformationists – but only your average, mindless simpleton.

Update 2/3:

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Jeremy Hotz on 9/11

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My favorite (and many others’ too) podcast talks a bit about 9/11 @ 1:21:50. It will always be in the narrative,  no matter what you believe.

Comic Jeremy Hotz in studio / Inessa Frantowski and Pussy Exorcism / Humble and Amanda review the Ward Anderson TV special / Tim Niblett the Retirement Sherpa / Listener e-mail

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Zika! Time to revisit the virus hoax

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Ebola is so 2015.

2016 brings you the latest edition of the virus hoax – Zika!

Apparently Zika is already being promoted as an effective method of population control.

It’s now time to once again question the entire science of virology, its history, and its genesis.

It appears that the virus myth goes way back to ancient times – disease demons in Greece, to instruments of population control and herding in Rome.

Here are a few videos to start your research.

My latest beliefs are that most diseases or illnesses are caused by malnutrition, exposure to harmful chemicals, stress (caused by psychological terrorism), lack of sleep, and lack of exercise. Take care of that group, and you’ll probably live a long life.


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Russianvids does 9/11

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I still enjoy Russianvids’ stuff, even though he just can’t apply his normal logic to 9/11. Why is 9/11 so hard for people to deconstruct? Is it just too big of a lie?

This proves you can’t agree with everyone about everything…not that it’s necessary.

You’re analyzing fabricated footage (ie. a movie). The two buildings were brought down like any other buildings. Anything you’re watching was done in a studio and portrayed as LIVE (inverted is EVIL). Nothing hit the towers. The hole (if there even was one) could have easily been created with conventional explosives. Re-watch Also, who died? Do you have the names? Are they on the memorial website?

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