FAK152-John Friend

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Who? John Friend

When? Saturday, Jan 2, 2015 – 8pm EST

John Friend of the Realist Report comes by for a visit.


Are We Getting the Whole Truth About San Bernardino Massacre?

The Pressure Project:


Clueforum topic with Jumpy64:


Interview with Dave:

The Realist Report – Dave Mansfield

The Realist Report – Sinead McCarthy

Did Jesuit Fr. Staempfle Write Mein Kampf For Hitler? Is George W. Bush The New Jesuit-Backed Roman Catholic Star?





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15 thoughts on “FAK152-John Friend

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  3. smj

    so brave jumpy is networking with john ‘it is what it is’ friend; hopefully john doesn’t become a cosmotheist. jumpy could at least spice-up his fucking jews thread with some interesting shit at least, maybe with some otto weininger (heinz foerster’s uncle was a big fan we’re told) or whatnot. at least otto’s bullshit was original unlike jumpy’s hero’s evolved apes in space and oklahoma ‘bombing’ operative bullshit.

  4. Blue Moon

    The authorship of Mein Kampf should be understood in the following context: Halford John Mackinder to General Karl Haushofer to his prize student Rudolf Hess to the false flag of the beer hall putsch which introduced the character known as Adolph Hitler in the popular press while holding the character in protective custody in Landsberg Hotel/Prison where the legend of Hitler was put on paper- Bernhard Stempfle, a Hieronymite priest initially, was the anti-semitic radical reporter and writer who edited and polished the final drafts- The Hitler character was a composite built by the British SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) department 6 (MI6) in conjunction with German military intelligence (Abwehr) in the lead up to the largest hoax of all time outside of formal religion: WWII and the subsequent Cold War, the false dialectic that is ushering in globalization-

    1. smj

      the narrative says mackinder was a student of henry nottidge moseley, the father of the hustler that gave us moseley’s law. young henry, the crystal scryer, gave us the logic for mendeleev’s dream of course…


      …it’s pretty straightforward for nonsense i reckon. he got his head blowed-off in the first world war just like the oldest bragg boy. that’s why scientific hustlers can’t go to the front lines no more of course.

      the narrative also says that hans delbruck taught das volk that they were bad-ass war-like teutons. hans was max’s daddy of course. max was crazy as fuck; he was the world expert on these ‘ultra-microscopic’ figments of his imagination of course…


      but whatever, ’tis the season to teach your kids to be happy to be lied to of course; so celebrate the bullshit y’all.

      1. Blue Moon

        The reason I start my short list with Mackinder is that he championed the concept of geopolitics in Britain, the principles of which most of the foreign policies espoused in Mein Kampf derived their inspiration- Mackinder was a member of that floating think tank, the Co-efficient dining club, that included the usual suspects (Fabians) which is where I believe the germ of the Hitler project was hatched- Haushofer took Mackinder’s ideas of a naval based world domination and adapted his version, developed in his own think tank, Institute of Geopolitics in Munich, which lobbied for a land based global dominance (Mackinder was a Brit and Haushofer landlocked in Germany so one has to wonder if Haushofer was being directed by the joint intel apparatus of the German monarchs who ruled both Britain and Germany- I think it’s safe to say he was)-
        The connection of Haushofer to Mackinder’s work is not denied and Haushofer’s visits to Landsberg resort hotel are not denied- Mein Kampf (or if you prefer, “Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice”, the original title which I suspect was Stempfle’s idea but which Putzi Hanfstaengl and the other PR wonks fashioning the Hitler persona vetoed) was a committee effort targeting the middlebrows who might actually read the thing, and the working stiffs who would only read or hear excerpts (by design) and simplify the message down to a few basic slogans- The intellectuals would have already recognized Haushofer, et al, and not bothered with the “Hitler” potboiler-

  5. xileffilex

    Good chat, Ab – just listening. John’s a good speaker. Just a couple of points – who are these 9/11″dead” whom John has heard spoken of? Perhaps he can name them [not his friends] – I suggest the “friends” are either just out of the loop or, less likely, are backstopping the fake death[s].

    I wouldn’t put too much trust in death certificates. All the people in the pipeline are public servants. Some of them can be leaned on. Perhaps they will get an honor for their work and discretion. It just needs one doctor or pathologist to sign a piece of paper and off it goes. The registrar doesn’t see any body. Funeral parlors will co-operate if the price is right. But not to the point of open caskets. Only empty ones.

      1. xileffilex

        That’s the advantage they have, Ab. Liars for the state and the closed box.
        Did you notice Larry and Phil bring up the story about Kerry AND Clinton attending the funeral of Sonia Mercedes Morales Puopolo in John’s video?
        fascinating thread here…

        Workers at Ground Zero recovered Sonia’s left hand with the wedding ring her husband had given her 40-years ago still attached – unaffected by the 1.6 million tons of smoldering steel, rubble and rock that had laid on-top for all that time. [one year later….]

        Must have been more like a mortuary deep freeze than pile of hot rubble to preserve the hand, allegedly…
        Daughter Sonia Tita Puopolo is now wheelchair bound
        because, allegedly, a hit and run driver crushed her foot. “after she almost died”.
        November 2013
        The usual small set of crummy images of “Mercedes” which duly appear in this video


        Dominic Puopolo jr lays out the family history here in 2006

        Former ballet dancer and Flight 11 victim Sonia

        Mark Anthony Puopolo

        Sonia Tita with the Estefans November 2015


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