Fakery is perfected in Israel

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No doubt and media have been going on longer and have been perfected in Israel.

I can’t find the source of an Israeli official saying that America was going to get a taste of Israel has been going through for years, but i remember it well.

Peekay does good work, but why is he so sure Palestinians are being killed?

If we are witnessing synthetic terror or here, surely the same must be going on there.


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1 thought on “Fakery is perfected in Israel

  1. xileffilex

    I have thought the same, Ab. I’ve seen the same themes and props when Palestinians are said to have been killed. Just a few examples I quickly looked at…

    Check the acting from about 0.40 here

    more of the same…

    More of the same….

    It’s just one great big film set. #HRDPAR except I wouldn’t even call it hyper reality. Just poor acting and scripting.


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