Alex Jones IS a character

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… But is he Bill Hicks? Russianvids has me wavering on this topic. Is the real point that Alex Jones is a completely PTB generated controlled opposition character created by the Catholic intelligence agency and CNN?  Does it matter that they used a minor comedian, other than the fact that this proves what a good job they do deceiving is?…

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13 thoughts on “Alex Jones IS a character

  1. Mark Tokarski

    I rarely look at two people side-by-side and try to determine if they are the same or different. They eyes are too easily fooled. Those facial matches I have found by means of face splitting based on pupil distance have surprised me, even floored me. It is like an unveiling.

    Discovering that Brandon De Wilde became Thom Hartmann, Bobby Fuller became Bill O’Reilly, Pamela Courson became Barbara Walters’ body double, Janice Joplin (twins) becoming Amy Goodman (also twins), Phil Hartman became Glenn Beck, Jimi Hendrix became Cornell West, Gary Hinman became Maury Povich, Stu Sutcliffe became Andy Warhol … we don’t just make shit up. We don’t fudge to make our predictions come true. We offer you both the images and the means by which to test our findings.

    Sadly, no one actually tests our findings. They throw tomatoes, too easy. I offer hard evidence. Mr. Downvale, it is interesting that you don’t agree with our findings. It would be better, however, if you offered evidence to support your disagreement. Do so. You know where we are at. Bring it, or be quiet.

    For Hicks/Jones. Hicks is inside that face, 23 years after his fake death. Only face splitting can overcome the effects of 23 years of aging. It is him.

    Please consider: we are not dealing with the entire human population. We are dealing with a small subset, American and British musicians (fake, but I’ll use that term), actors, news readers and TV talk show hosts. All work for Intelligence. Think “Total Spectrum Control.” Anyone who has a national platform is by definition a phony. Could it be then that these phonies are merely trained in the music business to learn how to be duplicitous, able to pretend to be people they aren’t? Could it be then that the good ones are each assigned a new role?

    We are uncovering them. We will continue. We will deal with critics, real and fake, as they present. Mr. Down ale has not presented evidence. He has merely attempted to introduce doubt. That is a spook move.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    The Jones-is-Hicks thing is an old chestnut.….

    I’m with nonhocapito here –

    … I suggested we rather have a serious investigative thread on Alex Jones and his rise to fame, but I see you went this way anyway. I can’t say I appreciate it.
    I found the discussion entirely useless considering there is no real evidence to support it.

    In any case, I’d appreciate at least a speculation as to what this particular disinfo should be aimed at. Plain wasting our time? (In which case: aren’t you participating to the distraction by opening this thread?) Confuse us as to whether Alex Jones is a real scumbag? Ruin for us the pleasure of a Bill Hicks show? What is it?

    Again, I think the ‘celebrity double’ thing here is a bit of a joke.

    I was going to say that for a start Bill Hicks was fucking funny and Alex Jones isn’t, but then I remembered this.

    1. Clueseau

      Good find. Notice in your video (with Jeff Davis) how AJ has a Texas accent. The guy in Ab’s video has what appears be a Midwestern accent under a thin layer of Texas he recently picked up in acting class.

      The original AJ was loose, energetic and had a sense of humor. The AJ we got now is stiff, bombastic and an over-actor. Neither of them is Bill Hicks.

      1. Clueseau

        I re-watched the video with Jeff Davis and noticed a Howard Stern card or sticker on the bulletin board behind AJ. By itself this wouldn’t mean much, but there’s also a large photo portrait of Stern on the window opposite. (And this broadcasting studio isn’t in New York City, it’s Austin TX.) Could Jones and Stern be hatched from the same culture-creation incubator? There is a brand likeness between them, a sort of cartoonish vulgarity.

        Could be Alex Jones’ personality is so different in this early video because that’s just how AJ normally was before doing the deal that brought him fame and fortune. Once “they” made him a star, he had to assume a persona for the masses – including the sort of over-controlled, transparently fake “gravitas” of speech which manufactured leaders of movements usually have, and a generic accent for nationwide audiences. He also donned a new ‘tude: Mr. Bombastic.

        The fact that AJ looks different in this video is more difficult to explain, but that could just be caused by the videography.

  3. Clueseau

    Let’s also consider that the videos showing us Bill Hicks could be a DBA against anyone claiming Alex Jones was replaced. The famous AJ does look and sound oddly different than the pre-fame version. For one thing, his Texas accent seems to have changed.

    Maybe it’s nothing – Alex Jones just aged in a funny way. Or maybe he really was replaced, though by someone we never heard of. Bill Hicks could be a strawman thrown in our path to misdirect us.

    1. richard benedict

      @Clueseau, imho, this guy is neither Bill Hicks or the entity known as “Alex Jones” but someone occupying the period between the Waco 1996 video and the Tx Capitol worker 1998 video I posted below.

      “The definition of the alternatives is the supreme instrument of power.”…

  4. Terran Downvale

    I won’t be posting this on RV’s video because I’ll probably get attacked and called a shill, but I looked into the Hicks/Jones thing recently and my conclusion is that while they do look somewhat similar, they are most definitely NOT the same person. The biggest difference I found was in their mouths. Hicks had a larger, more rubbery mouth with bigger, looser lips. He opens his mouth VERY wide in his standup act, almost like a hippo. OK, I’m exaggerating but my point is Jones’ mouth isn’t nearly as big and doesn’t open up as wide. As far as I know, there’s no surgery to make someone’s mouth HOLE smaller. Maybe the lips could be made smaller, maybe the skin tightened a bit but not to that extent.

    I agree that they do look similar in lots of ways. Both have round pudgy faces, but there are significant differences. Plastic surgery would have to be involved for them to be the same person and I don’t think the extent of the differences is something that can be done with surgery, although I’m sure there are those who would disagree. When people do the comparison, they always use shots with angles that make them look more similar, but other photos will tell you otherwise.

    Back to what I said about their mouths. Hicks had a bigger bottom lip and a larger mouth that opened up very wide. Jones’s mouth is smaller. Take a look at these photos and note the difference:……

    The nose is different too. Hicks’s nose is rounder and more bulbous with larger nostrils while Jones’s is pointier with smaller nostrils. See these pics:…………………

    In that last pic, you see Hicks again with his big-mouthed grin. Compare that to Jones opening up his mouth wide and the pointier nose as well:…

    Yes, the nose could have been reshaped to be slimmer and pointier. But how could they shrink his mouth? It’s better to watch how their mouths in motion. Look at Hicks in 1992 with his rubbery moving mouth and larger bottom lip:…

    And then a young Jones, supposedly from 1997. His mouth moves much differently. At this point in 1997, Jones should look the MOST like Hicks if they are indeed the same person:…

    There’s also the voice. Other than a Texas drawl, I don’t hear ANY similarity in their voices. Yes, one or both of them could be putting on a fake voice, but I would think I could hear at least a bit of Hicks’ voice in Jones if he were really him. Jones’ voice changed over time but he doesn’t sound like Hicks at any point. When I hear a professional impressionist like Kevin Pollock do someone’s voice, I can usually hear at least a bit of the original voice. But anyway, that’s just my take again.

    Even though I highly doubt they’re the same person, I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor was intentionally set up in some way. Maybe they created the Alex Jones character with the idea of floating out the rumor that he was Hicks at some point to send us down rabbit trails and make us look foolish. The fact that so many truthers are so deeply invested in the idea that they are actually the same person just drives me up the wall!

          1. richard benedict

            “The definition of the alternatives is the supreme instrument of power.”

            @ Terran: imho these are 2 different people, neither of whom is Bill Hicks.

            Who this “Alex Jones” is below I am open for suggestions but it is clearly neither one of the above two.

            RV, if you are reading this, is this last link “Bill Hicks” perhaps? Consider the familiar ruse of wearing a beard.


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