9 thoughts on “One eyed tear

  1. xileffilex

    And another one from the Paris Bataclan event….watch at 4m 30s. It’s fake – watch her furtive glances at 4.41 et seq. She’s checking how it’s going…
    Who is she? Heroine Jasmine el-Yousfi a waitress at Cosa Nosta restaurant for only a month..

    footage from inside the restaurant showed her first keeping her cousin safe by pushing him down behind the counter, helping an injured woman, then leading people to safety before leaving her own hiding place to comfort the dying… “There was only blood and chaos before everything went black….“I would have preferred I die than let them die,” ….[continues in same vein]


    1. Terran Downvale

      Very interesting. Those are some conveniently placed moles under her crying eye there. Almost like goal posts or something!

      The “blood smear” pattern on the Bataclan floor even looks like an eye with a tear running out of it.

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