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11 types of 9/11 vicsims

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I watched this vid that John mentioned on our last show, which reminded me of this aging post that still has much good info from the old Fetzer show I enjoyed so much (his reputation non-withstanding).

Larry and Phil went over the 11 types of vicsims that may have been used on 9/11.

Types of fake terror victims on 911

1. Complete fakes– Operation Northwoods style total fictions

2. Fake relatives of operatives– made up aliases, added to the “family” of spooks and insiders, so that the “spook relatives” can play roles conducive to backing up the lie

3. Real people, spooks reassigned– deep cover agents, put on the list to neatly end their service or specific assignment, with no trail or loose ends

4. Real people, connected, reassigned– people connected to the network, wishing to start over, disappear, for various reasons

5. Real people, in trouble, voluntarily reassigned– real people who were at risk of prosecution, who escaped by joining the victims list

6. Real people, in trouble, coerced, reassigned– real people offered a “deal” to avoid prosecution, by aiding in the victims fraud

7. Real people, connected, terminally ill– instead of just dying, why not be a 911 hero, setting up your family to use it to further your favorite cause, political or otherwise.

8. Real people, long dead– like the fake identity creators, borrow the identity of someone long dead, resurrect them to die again as a victim, with or without cooperation of family members

9. Real people, intentionally murdered– beforehand, included on the list to cover it up

10. Real people, intentionally murdered– sacrificed during the demolition

11. Real people, accidental victims– unintended collateral damage


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