Audiochat-Armunn, Anna, Rollo, Tom, Ab

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The welcome return of old friends.



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3 thoughts on “Audiochat-Armunn, Anna, Rollo, Tom, Ab

  1. xileffilex

    Really enjoyed the intelligent chat, especially about football and multiculturalism.

    I guess it’s control of injuries which can give the advantage or disadvantage. Certainly the players know how to fake injuries [and the team doctors will also play their part possibly – c.f the Mourinho incident] which seems to affect this sport more than others. Maybe this is a result of the amount of money which sloshes around this sport which seems to operate outside classical economics? I can’t comment on US football. If rugby for example was awash with money and betting, what would then happen?

    I’d also be interested in Anna’s and Armunn’s take on the various disasters which have affected football grounds and clubs.

    It’s also fascinating how the pitch is now so multicultural, in total contrast to those who troop in through the gates, another reason for the media to promote the sport as a religion.

    There’ s certainly an agenda to create a mass migration to Europe from outside it using fake media stories and fake wars. In the recent Paris fake event there was even a sub plot to welcome a stranger in your home who was scared or displaced after the fake shootings. Did you notice the created hashtags #PorteOuverte and #PortesOuvertes during the night of November 13/14?

    1. ArmunnRigh


      In my opinion, sports has always been civilization’s way to ritualistically do war even when in peace, not only, at one level, to assert one’s readiness for actual war, but also, and most importantly, to honor the gods. The old Olympic Games were all about that, of course and what else was jousting and battle tournaments used for if not to show how ready you are to fight for god when the chance arises?

      Still, don’t take me wrong, I think that sports and competition are an important pillar of any society, as it is what helps bring up warriors (please refer to this text) and motivate them to protect their culture, becoming it. However, you must uphold truth to have real sports.

      Of course, a sport like modern football will carry with it the same tones as in the past, but now with the new cultural flavor being implemented. Your squad is fittest, but it’s no longer a sign of how ready and excellent the people in your area are, nor even your country. You can (and should, according to the new culture) now, like in old Hyksos (Lower Egypt), have your entire culture built by mercenaries and un-integrated (in terms of not adapting to the host culture, but bringing and keeping their own) immigrants. The Watford example I gave is an excellent sign of that: they have submitted to the multiculturalism dictate (suffice to say Elton John is their honorary chairman) and are therefore having success in the Premier League, for a club of their stature.
      The way I see it, the Chelsea and Mourinho with Eva incidents had all to do with feminism, however. You even hint that a woman may have gotten something wrong and you are to be punished, publicly, for it – which again confirms the previous point, as radical feminism and multiculturalism rely on one another.

      As to the Open Door reference, it is, again, using the best we have against us. Of course we would, in an emergency situation, open the door to a stranger in trouble, within certain limits and with certain precautions. In a sane culture, we would count on the same generosity towards us if in a similar situation. However, to be able to have that, you must have both the helper and the helped share the same cultural values! Do you have any guarantee of that now? Well, it will only get worse in the future, at this rate.

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