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  1. Blue Moon

    Hat tip, Ab- I’m not into his religous stuff but he’s spot on regarding how corrosive this junk culture is on our mental and emotional faculties- Because he has a religous bent, I think he errs on some details even though he understands media fakery- Case in point: On one of his videos he is skeptical of the story of Bill Cosby’s son being gunned down while stopping to fix a flat tire, yet he believes his son was actually killed as some sort of blood sacrifice- The official narrative reads as a variant of the Tara Browne (heir to the Guiness beer fortune) car accident (which is said to be the inspiration for the Beatles’ song, Day In the Life) that, like Cosby’s son’s event, included a female friend eye witness that could confirm the death- The most important thing to remember is the narrative given to the public via the media is fake- I’m confident nobody of high celebrity rank actually dies in these things- The blood sacrifice stuff is just as “green screen” as the rest of the narrative- Is this guy a shill? As long as he has the big picture in mind, his personal piccadillos don’t really matter- It’s like cutting the crust off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, IMO-

  2. richard benedict

    @Ab, thank you for this link. This guy is great. Markus Allen if you are still out there, here is an example of fakology adding to my life. After listening to several of his videos, this guy offers, imho, a profound picture.

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