Delcroix’s un-Friendly cold potatoes

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If you wondered where Del went (like I did),  well,  here he is with his old improv.

The last half hour features some good bashing from past member Wanda.

John Friend was a guest here for a few reasons, one being that we crossed keyboards on skype and two him reminding me that we were going to chat back in the past and never did. Nothing sinister here,  volks.

2016 is starting off with a bang (up)!

Del is joined by Foon1e , Zap ,Scorpio and Wanda , for a late night chat . Your browser does not support the audio element. DownloadA View from the Bog

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11 thoughts on “Delcroix’s un-Friendly cold potatoes

  1. ArmunnRigh

    Delcroix and Wanda:

    As I’ve had the chance to tell you, in my opinion, there was no voluntary derailment either from Tom or Rollo. Simply, there was no moderator, it was not a show where I would be the guest and have topics to address, it was just a chat between voices who hadn’t interacted in a while.

    This said, I also don’t feel that your reactions when you mentioned that audiochat were an attack or “cold potatoes” on Ab or Fakeologist. Truth be said, Ab has come a long way and arrived here at this point with some scars to show for his effort: Psyopticon, Banazir, Dusty, Simon and even myself must have left a dent a year ago. His skin has certainly become thinner, which is only natural.
    However, I agree that there is an investigative hole in his ongoing journey regarding the infamous J.

    It is completely unfair and detrimental to define Wanda as a jew basher, whoever did it. That subject is but a part of what she delves into, I have found, whenever I’ve been in touch with her.

    In summary: neither Delcroix is bashing Ab, nor is Ab dismissing Delcroix, nor is Wanda a terrible witch to burn at the stake. All three are human, with all that entails, especially in this day, age and insane social environment.

    PS: Wanda – When is your radio show starting? I have two ideas for the title 😀 Let me know if you want to hear them.

    1. wanda

      Armun… your commentary is, as usual, well reasoned. I had meant to reply to your previous comment but somehow time did not allow for it this evening…. i did not even think i could. I tried to reply to this post the other day when Ab put up but found i could not log in. When your earlier reply came in, i hit the reply button and it took me, once again, to the sign in page, and this time it went off without a hitch. I don’t know if the other day was a glitch or what, so i have to file that under unexplained. One thing led to another and now it is five in the morning.

      In any event… when i did listen to the very beginning of the podcast where my name is mentioned, it was not as horrific as i imagined it to be, and i agree, their very brief remarks seem innocuous enough. It is, as you say, not a good political day and age to have a handle like that hung on oneself. Del is a good man, he was only looking out for a friend (me)… and that is admirable. I appreciate the responses from both Rollo and Tom and i am happy to consider this done and dusted.

      Oooh…. a show. Well, i think i have to put something together… in an informal sort of way. It is time. I definitely want to hear your ideas for a title… 🙂 – should be good… lol Did i say it is great to see you back? It is.

      1. ArmunnRigh

        I’m happy with that.

        I’ll send the title ideas privately. Wouldn’t want them to become public knowledge even before the show stars, would we? 😀

      2. ab Post author

        Wanda, I reinstated your account so you could respond. That’s only fair. That said, your regurgitating that the Jews are causing all the worlds ills whilst in control is exactly as nonsensical as the Muslims are in control of all the terror events. Both are given to you by psychopaths that worship nothing except controling of others. Let’s get on exposing to people the method of control so they can ignore and repel it instead of infighting with each other.

        1. ArmunnRigh

          But Ab, allow me to cut in here: weren’t you in the past placing the Jesuits in the place of controllers, or do I remember wrong? Because if you did so, you are as neutrally entitled to do so as Wanda is (with the obvious exception of this being your site and therefore correctly maintained under your rules)?

          I, personally, think the Jews, Jesuits, Masons et all are PART of the method of control itself (as in they are tools, not the top end masters) and it is therefore a disservice to avoid certain parts of the issue. The only true reason people fight among themselves over these matters is because they are merely reacting emotionally in Pavlov-style and not analyzing what is presented, objectively.

          This is merely my two cents on the matter, of course, as I understand and have always accepted your avoidance of the “J” word issue. You are still doing a positive job in maintaining this forum up, running and journeying.

      3. Tom Dalpra

        Wanda said – ”Del is a good man, he was only looking out for a friend (me)… and that is admirable. I appreciate the responses from both Rollo and Tom and i am happy to consider this done and dusted.”

        I’ll go with all that. Fine.
        Thanks for the reply Wanda.

  2. wanda

    Very interesting choice of wording in your introduction Ab… you make it seem as if i initiated a Fakeology bashing session when all i was doing was reacting to the news that my name came up in a conversation between two of your more prolific commenters wherein they call me a “jew basher”, which carries with it the shop-worn connotation of anti-semite. What the hell would you expect my reaction to be when i know where they formulated that opinion from… from YOU.

    It is YOU who labeled me a one trick pony and proclaimed all i ever do is talk about the Jews. I even asked you if you felt that was a fair assessment, which i can only assume you do, since you failed to even respond to my question. For reference, that was under a post where K-Ham was, yet again, defaming one of the more honest, in my opinion, reality seekers. Anyone who knows me, and you should know, as well, i discuss a wide variety of subjects where the word Jew does not come up at all, and i back up every claim i make with links… not only that, but i bring my own research and knowledge to the fore.

    So, apparently, it is okay for Simon Shack to call you to task and define for you what you believe… and for K-ham to be the self appointed moderator of who is and who is not a shill and declare, as you do, which topics are off the table… but the question remains, and is as evident as a neon sign… is Clues-See-You one in the same as Kanned Ham, or what? Real individuals, who desire more than the “no one died” narrative… they are dying to the left an right from where i sit… well, we want an evolution of thought. They are dying all around me… i can see it… and you can look at the symptoms of the disease till the cows come home, but nothing changes until you examine the cause of the disease.

    Del and i have been friends for years. Why does a show where he lets me know that my name gets mentioned as a “jew basher” make him or myself public enemy number one? Yes… we can be loyal too… we are learning. He said i would have heard it anyhow, and in truth… i did listen to the first ten minutes, but i would not have heard it because i do this thing of starting at around four minutes to avoid the opening monologue or whatever i assume is there… i wouldn’t have known is the point. Del should not be demonized for being the knight in shining armor nor should i be vilified for reacting, as i did, to hearing this sort of McCarthy-ism take wing. Heads up… we have been down this road before, this time, we should know better.

    Suppressing truth never makes it go away… it just buys time. People whose voices have been silenced only become more driven to be heard. I don’t know or understand this mindset of we can’t discuss this, that or the other thing as if under some invisible guidelines. We can examine the results of the cancer all day long , ad nauseum… nothing changes until we examine the cause of the disease… and that takes honesty and nothing is off the table. The Jews own a media FFS… if they are not doing this, they don’t need our help… they can tell us.

  3. delcroix

    Delcroix’s un-Friendly cold potatoes

    I’ve not heard from him for a while and then he comes back with accusations of character assassination and tag-team disruption of the returning Armunn. Ugh ?

    My Improv was not an attack on fakeologist ,
    Funny that you have been “bashed” for the past 5 months by the real people with one track ponies
    sad really
    Goood man Rollo you have the sunglasses

  4. Rollo

    I just listened to it, I thought it was fine, Remember when one puts opinions out publicy you’re gonna attract detractors , especially if it’s fucking with their interests or business, I thought Ab and John Friends chat was superb, Hey I joined his site and he hasn’t cut anything ive Said there, To me he seems genuine, He and Ab chatting isn’t strange at all, Just think Ab posting this audio on his own site when it’s quite detrimental, I love Del to Bits one of the smartest fellows Ive spoken to, This is a little bit of a “Gee Up” , Its quite clear so many of those fellows hadnt even listened to the show they were commenting on, Its del doing a little “Gee Up” and remember Ive said this before the opposite of love isnt hate , it’s indifference so Del and the crew would not be talking about our friend JohnF or Ab if they didnt care…finally nice essay Tommy Dalpra on this call, well written . thanks for sticking up for me champ…..Share this video if you care ——->…

  5. Tom Dalpra

    Regarding the Wanda alleged ”Character assassination”, it’s from about 19-10 mins at this link –…

    Both Rollo and I are fondly remembering the old days and Armunn and I also recall Wanda.
    ‘She was great’ says Rollo. ‘She was great’, I agree.

    Rollo then says jokingly ”Bit of a neo Nazi ” but he also, later, looks to defend Wanda’s position saying he has a problem with the Jews too. I say she was ”One of those people, great in so many ways but with a real thing about the Jews”

    Wanda and I had completely pleasant and honest conversations about our respective positions, on this subject, openly, on this site years ago. I liked her then and I have no reason to dislike her now. I think she’s intelligent, feisty and overall, a pretty cool person, despite our slightly different perspectives. I’ve listened and learned things from Wanda, I just haven’t heard from her barely in years,really. Personally I’m glad to hear she and Armunn are still around.

    This brief mention of Wanda does not amount to character assassination in my opinion and I think that it was inappropriate that Del suggested that that’s what Rollo and I were doing.
    That said, I don’t want to misrepresent anyone and I apologise to Wanda if she thinks what I said comes across badly.
    My position remains the same as it was Wanda, but I do not, and never did, see this as a complete slur on you.

    One of the last times I spoke to Del it was 3 am and we were playing guitars and singing together. We’d chatted for hours. Having spent some hours over years chatting with Del in a completely cordial manner, you may forgive me for considering him a mate.

    I’ve not heard from him for a while and then he comes back with accusations of character assassination and tag-team disruption of the returning Armunn. Ugh ? I thought Rollo was quite well behaved. I suppose I was chatty but the worst disruption I heard was the echo on the audio throughout which came from Armunn’s mic. I opened a packet of ryvita and it made a racket, It wasn’t intentional. Rollo, I could tell, was even slightly suspicious that I was deliberately disrupting things. Ha! What a malarkey.

    I simply wasn’t. Those kind of things can happen on audio chat when you forget your mike is live.

    I thought it was a pleasant enough and interesting conversation welcoming back some fond old friends.
    What the feck Del ?

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