Faking or making of a murderer?

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I have succumbed to peer pressure and decided to watch this 0;viral” “binge watch” doc series based on a “true” story.

I’m on ep 3 now, but I am already suspicious, without doing research, on the veracity of the story.

I enjoy docs based on “true” crime. Problem is, I don’t know what’s true any more. I listened to the infamous Serial podcast, and deem it a work of fiction, and not at all based on a true story. I also put a huge emotional investment into Dear Zachary, an amazingly well done film – and am now quite sure that it too is complete fiction meant to change mental health laws.

I’ll open this thread and ignore most of the comments until I finish the series sometime in the next week. This is more proof that our culture creators – the CIA and their contractors – are constantly spinning fiction as real, completely throwing us off balance and making nothing we get from the media believable.



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  2. wanda

    I am not going to pretend to know anything about 3D rendering, but common sense tells me a couple of things…

    We are shown movies, Gravity for instance, where it is possible to completely suspend disbelief… and they are flawless (at least seemingly flawless). But… we know they are fictions. Yet, with the news stories, which the general public believes to be reality, we get low resolution imagery with numerous glitches and anomalies, as well as implausible plot lines. One reference would be the ISIS be-headings. Some regular guys on YouTube made their own fake beheading video that was far more realistic than the clownish renderings the mainstream media provided. It seems to me to be deliberate. Given that… there would be no reason in the world to add expensive and time consuming FX.

    This is psychological warfare, the groundwork for this has been laid for quite some generations now. Part of this is the horror film programming… people turn away from scenes like that because they don’t want their senses assaulted…it is natural to do that. So, you look away and fill in the details with your mind. My son and i did this thing where we watched a bunch of horror movies to deliberately view the gore… when you look at it, and it is sometimes very hard to do, you are like… oh – so that’s how they did that… but the point is, we don’t look, generally. First they shock our psyches, and since we do not suspect the media would lie to us, we accept what we are being told… we are listening instead of watching. And that is how they slipped 9-11 to us. There is method in that madness for them because they can always pull out the trump card of it being an evident fiction, right?

    The phrase “Don’t believe your lying eyes” comes to mind.

    1. Zalian

      Finally some common sense in this thread.

      They are no doubt using excessive violence and gore, as a method to :

      A: not make the average person look closer, because its gruesome imagery and you glance at it and look away as you stated.

      B: to subject the people to trauma based mindcontroll, remember brainwashing works best on the people acting out of emotion.

      And yes the behedings were obvious fakes, and filmed with low budget cameras, no expensive effects needed,
      agreed completely Wanda.



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