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Someone liked it

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I get the odd positive feedback. Here’s someone who even liked my last (impromptu) interview with John Friend.

Hi Ab,

I listened to your call with John Friend and wanted to share my thoughts about it.

More than anything, I appreciate your patience and understanding. It really seems like you speak for me when you ask questions. Your questions are asked in order to open up avenues of understanding that they aren’t delving in to. And when you dwell or persist on certain topics, I understand why, because I would too. I know you are learning when you ask questions because you genuinely listen to who you are talking to, and I know you are itching to help these people understand the way you see it. I’d say that both “sides” are more right than wrong. Hopefully your two cents sticks in their mind.

We’ve actually come out of the rabbit holes because we get that nobody died and that is the bottom line for us. What out there could possibly sway us from doubting that people died? Who died in Sandy Hook or Boston? Who died at Pearl Harbor, or Columbine, or in the twin towers? Nobody! And the game is over! We are out of the matrix for good, and that is why we can focus on flat earth. We used to be just like these guys before we woke up to flat earth – and – they are still where they’re at because they aren’t out of the 9/11s or Kennedys yet. When we realize nobody died in these attacks/tragedies, there is really nothing else to know. And that leaves us with investigating real stuff like flat earth and all the other topics that come with it. Let the games begin.

That is what I think of how you are doing. Thank you for helping me grasp reality.


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