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  1. Black Dog

    (explicit:)hey Ab did you watch this whole video..? The end cancels the whole good it may offer.. IMO/I mean come on! Doesn’t this guy realize these same people made that/or altered even that.. the bible/etc etc etc. Stick to the truth people/if God is pissed at us for not trusting even this bible(cant believe that)/even the bible says don’t trust the bible! – ‘let god be true but every man(woman) a liar!’.. how could he not/.. god is whats good/and yes a lot of wisdom in the bible but not to be worshipped in and of itself or it’s character(s)! Try to reach god in the name of)? – sure /but you dont know! no one knows!/and thats even in the bible – ‘you worship me whom you dont know and spite your brother whom you do know’ ,…the bible was some cool dudes with some great writing/philosophy that has got lost by the same people that – seem to be creating a living (self-fulfilling) hell on earth!/Rich a$$#oles. who would not be if not for dumb a**#oles thoroughly propagandized by them.. blah blah blah blah. Yes things have gotten evil.. but self fulfilling, self fulfilling! Theyre s#!t! Good will win! Not some corporate hell fascimile of it. Man-made atrocity, psychopath ran version of anything! Wake up people.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Preceded by –

      We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when
      Although I wasn’t there, he said I was his friend
      Which came as some surprise I spoke into his eyes
      I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

      Then it’s ‘‘Oh no, not me” etc…

      The song Cobain also famously covered on Nirvanna Unplugged.

  2. Terran Downvale

    Also, Connor Doughton was sentenced to 15 years on January 15, 2015. Bowie died at age 69. 6+9=15.

  3. Terran Downvale

    I haven’t watched these videos yet but here is my contribution to the David Bowie death hoax investigation. Another one of my patented “crazy connections” diagrams! As always, be sure to right-click “view image” to see the diagram at full-size. You can also view my G+ post here which includes related links: plus.google.com/11241348958230…


    Whew! This has got to be the most complicated connections diagram I’ve ever made! It seems the recent “death” of David Bowie appears to be connected to a “knife attack” in the UK in mid-2014 around the same time Bowie was diagnosed with liver cancer. The victim was stabbed in the liver and died in a hospital bed a month later after unsuccessful transplant surgery. As you may know Bowie is a type of knife so getting “stabbed in the liver” is pretty blatant symbolism. And there are further connections…

    The stabbing committed by attacker Connor Doughton took place on August 1, 2014. That’s the same day the documentary David Bowie: Five Years premiered on the Showtime Network. Now there’s apparently some old North Carolina statute called the Doughton-Connor-Bowie Act that involves connections using paved roads! “Showtime” indeed!

    Another connection involves the stabbing victim’s daughter Lola who was born a week before he died. He never got to see her because he was in a coma. Their only photo together was taken on the day he died with his brain-dead body on a hospital bed. Quite the tear-jerker. Bowie’s own daughter was apparently by his side on his “death-bed” as well. In fact, a hospital bed features in his final music video for the song “Lazarus” from his final album Blackstar, a title that also has a connection to a certain type of Bowie knife made from Blackwood which is also the town where the stabbing took place! Blackstar — Blackwood, definite connection. The Blackstar also connects to another element…

    Someone posted on Reddit about their friend Lola who died at age 29 (same as the stabbing victim who’s daughter was named Lola) in the Bataclan “terrorist attack.” She was apparently a huge David Bowie fan and the poster was seeking advice on contacting Bowie to pay tribute to her. Lola was apparently part of a roller derby team called La Boucherie de Paris which translates to “The Butchery from Paris.” Their logo features a knife and a black star! In fact, Bowie was in a band called “Harry the Butcher” in the 70s, later renamed “Hype” thematically connecting with the “Showtime – Act” that this whole complex, interconnected psy-opera appears to be!

    There are other connections like Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and Apollo 11 and the stabbing attack taking place on Apollo Way. The victim’s age of 29 comes into play again with 2+9=11 — Apollo 11. There are probably more I didn’t find but I think this is more than enough. A video on this might be interesting but probably far too painstaking for me at this point. Anyone wanna give it a go?

    1. Tom Dalpra

      I’m not sure what’s gonna take longer to take-in – Terran’s connections diagram or Bowie’s charming parting video message.

      ”On the day of execution, on the day of execution. Only women needn’t smile.” ( I think he says )
      There’s a dead space man with taped-up moon boots too. Art, innit?

      1. derealium

        ahah. That connections diagram had me seeing roller girls.

        I did mention to a work friend who is a pretty big fan that I didn’t like the 69.
        “The cancer sign or the 69, is one of the most intriguing of all zodiac signs.”

        1. Terran Downvale

          Another roller girl for you, derealium: lakesidebrooklyn.com/events/th…

          The event was at Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco.

          So we’ve got another Lola, a Star and Bowie again. It’s also in New York, the city where Bowie “died.” The event took place on August 8, 2014, a week after Michael Lee Emmett was “stabbed in the liver.” Tickets were $15. Connor Doughton was sentenced to 15 years on January 15, 2015. Bowie died at age 69. 6+9=15. All-Seeing Eyepatch on Bowie, too. And he’s doing a Baphomet with his fretting hand!

          Dreamland indeed!


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