The bridge needs a magic bolt or two

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This overpriced bridge, the only link between east and west Canada by road, apparently let go of the earth because of some failed bolts.

This was probably a real event, although one must wonder if some of these government projects have fraud built into them.

All I could think about is NASA’s magical space shuttle bolts, the only thing holding the rocket boosters and their millions of thrust pounds to the mystery space ship.

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4 thoughts on “The bridge needs a magic bolt or two

  1. psyopticon

    Intentional in some way?

    There’s no amateur photography; only media-supplied stuff. Which is odd for such a dramatic event.

    And most of those media photos are taken from a very similar angle. The exception being this image. It shows the side of the bridge:

    Taken from…

    Odd that a sheet of plywood hides exactly where we want to see. Hmm..

    The point of “failure” appears to be the expansion joint of the bridge. Where an upper metal plate is purposely designed to slide freely, back and forth on top of a lower plate. Expanding and contracting according to temperature, vehicle load, ground movement or whatever.

    Could it be that the expansion joint has been intentionally pulled apart? By tensioning the cable-stays of the bridge?

    Done for routine maintenance purposes, maybe? Perhaps to inspect or re-lubricate the bearing surfaces of the slide plates?

    But for whatever reason – some sort of insurance scam? – that routine maintenance has been dressed-up as a catastrophic structural failure of this new $106m bridge?…

    It’s a very handsome bridge. No doubt it will feature in many future psyops; mainly “suicides”, if local experience is any guide.

    1. xileffilex

      V Rod has gone strangely quiet on his twitter stream….
      some nice photos there and video of the very recent construction

      no comment, Gene? At least I would have expected a “nothing to do with us, guv” absolution.

  2. rickpotvin

    This little gap was said, in many articles I saw, to have “split Canada in two”. It’s fairly funny when you consider how little it takes to break Canada apart. For years, Canadians were afraid Quebec would “separate” from Canada and cut it in half. This bridge did what Quebec could not.

    I agree that an extra heavy bolt to bolt the road down to the bridge foundation should have worked. Now, however, I would go to Home Depot and get that foam filler material for a temporary fix. Either that or just pour rubber into the breach and continue driving… slowly and carefully as if over a speed bump.

    Nipigon, the nearest town, could capitalize on this by claiming that its bridge (once fixed) holds Canada together and without it, Canada falls apart. Nipigon would become known as the crossroads of Canada between East and West Canada. Roadside beavers, mounties and statues of prime ministers could complete the tacky highway roadstop for tourists. A tug of war with real people and a rope across that bridge could be held annually as a promotional event between the Easterners and Westerners over that very bridge breach.

    I’m only coming up with these ideas because I grew up in Nipigon for my first six years. It’s fun to see my little town of origin get national attention.

  3. xileffilex

    probably is the operative word, Ab. Made me think of the curious incident of the Forth Road Bridge closure in Old Scotia recently. The controllers love to cause disruption. Nothing pleases them more. Call it a drill if you like.,


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