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You can tell the lowest class by their habit of always talking about persons; the next, by the fact that their habit is always to converse about things; the highest, by their preference for the discussion of ideas.

Henry Thomas Buckle…


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3 thoughts on “Class rankings

  1. khammad

    And what does one do if the idea being discussed is a rabbit hole to begin with, dug by a mole, in order that we fall into it?

    What if one of the reasons we believe this idea is because the mole was very charismatic, not because of the science behind the idea, then is it intellectually sound to call out the mole and the bad science that he is putting forth?

    At what point do we examine where our information comes from and who is disseminating it?

  2. Clueseau

    This quote by H. Buckle can’t be right. If it were, then “exposing media fakery one psyop at a time” – which often calls on logic and (as Ab calls it) intuition to out specific persons as agents or fakers – would be a “lower class” activity, and we all know that isn’t the case.


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