Improv-ing fakeologist

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Some of the best audiochats about are NOT hosted on my site. Nice run time Del (please try and level the audio –  it blew my eardrums out too many times).

Del is joined by Foon1e , Scorpio ,Wanda, Armunn Riogh and John le Bon for a late night chat .

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6 thoughts on “Improv-ing fakeologist

  1. derealium

    Soap Opera

    No one cares what fakeoligists or outside radioists think, except for me, an NSA specialist designated to this corner of the web to keep people away from the ultimate truth known only by the 0.0001% of planetary chitizens who find themselves here.

    1. xileffilex

      If Tom were working for MI six, Cambridge desk, as a night shift shill, I’m sure they would have been these…

      The inventor, graduated Cambridge University in 1720……

      More of a flat earth biscuit by the appearance…
      They also come with a dark chocolate coating.
      Now here’s a funny connection…they…

      ….were the favourite nibble of many, including ex-Beatle John Lennon, who once famously refused to accept his fee for an appearance on BBC music show The Old Grey Whistle Test in cash, insisting instead he should be rewarded with Chocolate Bath Olivers.

      hmmm What’s Mark Staycer’s favorite biscuit?

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Regarding ‘Ryvitagate’ . listen from 1 hour and 57 mins 15 seconds at this link for the ryvita incident…

    And 1 hour 23 mins and 23 seconds of this audio for John’s take.…

    It was very late, gone 2-30 am and I was hungry. I was sitting there listening and I saw a packet of Ryvita to my left. I took it in my hand, and, in my ravenous hunger forget momentarily that I was hastily unwrapping the bag right on top of a little live webcam microphone that I’ve put directly in front of me on the table. That’s all haha!

    As soon as I was told, I realised – because I’ve used audiochat quite a lot and I know the kinds of things that can happen – I should have muted.’ Doh’. Anyway, there was no harm done and I thought I turned my small embarrassment into a moment of genuine humour among friends, as I joked by then speaking with a mouthful of Ryvita and getting a good laugh from Armunn and Ana, before I did mute and go to the kitchen.

    As Armunn says on this Del ‘improv’ , as John began to question that audio, ”There was nothing sinister about it” or words to that effect.
    Armunn and I go back some way and I’m happy to say I trust him and I think he trusts me.
    We know each other. We were here when no one else was.

    It’s good to have that kind of trust with people. You gain it through actions and time.

    Guess what ? I also trust Wanda and Del. I don’t always see exactly eye to eye with them on some details, -as I don’t with Armunn , either- but I trust them. I think they’re honest people.

    I didn’t think I was in my best form in that chat, I often cringe at myself a bit, but it was a buzz to hear from Armunn and Lusitana and I think we managed a fair enough conversation.
    I appreciated xileffilex’s comment that he ”really enjoyed the intelligent discussion” on the original post.

    John’s idea that this audio makes me look like a ‘hypocrite’ for behaving like a shill while calling other people shills, seems completely inappropriate, I think.

    Who was I calling a shill ? Uh ? I wouldn’t say I’m known for going round calling people ‘shills’ and I certainly don’t buy into any imagined ‘fakeologist shill-calling mindset’ or ‘shill meme propagation’.

    Robbie Parker looks like an actor on film, despite the glitches ..and the globe looks like balls…

    Having known K for quite a long time too, one builds a friendship with someone and it can be difficult to let go. It’s like a lover who cheats on you. ”You don’t want to believe it…”
    And maybe she’s not cheating on me ? Maybe it’s something else ?
    Maybe she’s just confused?

    Maybe John’s just a bit confused by that Ryvita stuff ?

    Ultimately the evidence should speak for itself, all round.

    1. ArmunnRigh

      @Tom Dalpra

      I agree that there was nothing to that incident. I never felt that my expression of ideas was being sabotaged. I did feel I wasn’t really getting through, but that’s not sabotage at all – it might even be myself to blame, for not explaining my points of view clearly enough.

      Regarding the shill “name-calling” I can only comment (and I have) John’s opinion about it and the information he put forward. I have been away from chat & comments for quite some time, as you know, so it wouldn’t be fair to comment beyond what I experienced myself. I don’t know if you have or not participated in that “meme” during my absent times, to warrant what John mentioned.

      What I can say, as general comment (and no, it’s not “directed” at you), is that sometimes the most efficient troll is the one who started off on a honest path of investigation, found something felt true and then got attached to it as if it was a precious jewel, lashing out at anyone who might be seen as a threat to such beloved mental heirloom.

      Also, thanks for you words about me, Tom, much appreciated. I do think you are a real person, regardless of the way you view things – as far as I can tell or am aware of, you’ve never disrespected me or anything like that.


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