Joe who?

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Bit of a surge from this guy who has a few followers. I haven’t followed this story, here’s where it is on the site:



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7 thoughts on “Joe who?

  1. xileffilex

    No, he’s real as Tom said and it gets really good at 0.30 secs onwards in this video as Joe’s taken over the jumps by the experienced interviewers. It;s in-cred-ible.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    And on a symbol which was referenced in Bowie’s passing last week –
    Both Joe and his girlfriend had had their picture taken ( separately) , with – hip-with-the-kids- minor celebrity Joey Essex. Leah’s picture with Essex was particularly prominent at the time.
    Joey was wearing a lightning bolt T-shirt in both pictures.

  3. Tom Dalpra

    Ah, Joe Pugh from the Alton Towers rollercoaster accident.
    Handsome lad. We said he looked a bit like Elvis.
    Some freakologists were questioning if he was a ‘cgi Joe’, as I recall, but he seemed real enough in interview, to me.…

    1. khammad

      Tom, why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t a real person have a cgi image of themselves on the Internet?

      1. Tom Dalpra

        As I said on the thread K, having watched him give an interview, I was happy that there was a person there. Yes, in theory, they could do whatever they want, but this guy seems real enough.

        Joe was the star of this Op, if that’s what it was. His Elvis-like good looks have taken him on stage with David Beckham, for example, as the thing has played-out.…

        1. Terran Downvale

          That twit pic gives “stumping for a cause” a whole new meaning. Yes, it appears purposely making real people look fake in order to blur the lines of reality and sabotage the efforts of fakeologists is one of their games. If they can create truly “real enough looking” CGI entities with their black ops tech, we’d never know it, right? It would be undetectable. At this point, my gut feeling is that they can do this and that anything we detect as “fake” is quite possibly REAL deliberately made up to look fake. How’s that for an impossible conundrum?


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