Jobs and other tech heroes get the Mathis treatment

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I haven’t read these yet, but thought others would like the links and a chance to comment on our technological superheroes.




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8 thoughts on “Jobs and other tech heroes get the Mathis treatment

  1. Joaquin Hermon

    Miles Mathis has recently posted an article: “I Don’t Believe in Elon Musk”

    Mathis imagines that Musk is “fake” but I sense that Mathis jealous of him.
    Musk has intelligence, money, meaningful work, respect, and a beautiful wife and five children. Musk is lucid, concise and produces real world results. And Mathis can’t stand it. So he creates a make-believe world in which successful persons like Musk are never right, or real, or alive.
    Mathis tries to discredit Musk in four ways:

    (1) He claims Musk is a homosexual.
    “…Musk always looks highly uncomfortable. The girls are often leaning away from him, as there. And look at his hand in his pocket. Discomfort signs all over the place”.
    Strange talk from Mathis, who was a ballet dancer, writes flowery poetry, reads girl magazines, and who is rarely seen in photographs at all much less with women, which is very rarely. Signs of discomfort?

    (2) He claims Musk’s first wife was “fake” because she didn’t mention their five children or include their photographs in the article she wrote in Marie Claire magazine.
    Editors of magazines always cut out some material. Not that people are always eager to subject their children to public scrutiny. Mathis does not have children, as far as I know.

    (3) He claims Musk’s children don’t exist.
    “I say that because if we do a people search on Elon Musk, we find no evidence of these children in the computers.”
    “We” find no evidence? Really? Well I did. It took me three minutes to find this, and it has a picture of all five children.…

    (4) He claims Musk is “fake” because he isn’t listed on Intelius or InstantCheckMate
    “I say that because if we do a people search on Elon Musk, we find no evidence of these children in the computers. In fact, Intelius doesn’t even have an Elon Musk listed in California. Only his father, Errol Musk.”
    The following took me seven minutes to find that Elon Musk is listed on Spokeo and also on:……
    So why couldn’t Mathis do this?

    Whenever I read a Mathis article I find signs of haste, poor reasoning and numerous utterly unsubstantiated claims. He seems to be a sophist who gets off from persuasively arguing falsehoods.

    I will leave the last word, which applies directly to Mathis, to Musk himself…
    “Starting with a negative conclusion and backfilling the facts is a classic dickhead move—and a classic human fallacy.” – Elon Musk

  2. xileffilex

    Cue Bob Geldof January 21 2015…

    tells a story about how in 1978 the Boomtown Rats turned down $100,000 to play a company event in California, proposed by a young tech entrepreneur called Steve Jobs.
    “It was a lot of money and they were being hip and cool.”
    But he said the punk band told Apple: “We don’t do corporates.” With some more lively language added to the sentiment.

    The accompanying photo is a cropped version of this unlikely pose which pops up in this 2011 Mail eulogy upon his resignation…

    source –…

    What’s with that weird comb-forward here?…

  3. UNreal

    as always, i’m overwhelmed by the quantity of documents Miles Mathis produce…

    in Mathis coverage of Steve Jobs he uses an image of a sick Steve Jobs that was posted on this site:…
    whereas Mathis speaks of a “double” or a lookalike, i think it is quite clear this is rather a cut and paste job “à la Oswald” of Steve Jobs head on a sick/elderly patients body.

    The conclusion of Jobs faking his death, and implicitly his illness, would then confirm the effort made by Jobs as to appear sick and loosing such amounts of weight, kind of like Christian Bale in “the Machinist“. this would be quite a convincing last performance if Jobs was a lifetime actor,,,

    Apple fans around the world were all quite ecstatic of Steve Jobs on-stage performances anyhow, so the fact that Jobs had a unique talent on stage can be of little doubt. he was by many regarded as the “Rock Star” of technology. his death also happened on the same day his favorite rock band “the Beatles” (on an Apple label of course) released their first hit single in the UK “Love Me Do” (5/10 in 1962).

  4. Blue Moon

    Mathis confirmed he is working on Hitler, as am I- Let’s see if I can beat him to the punch this time- Musk can’t be anything but a phantom, a character who is obviously sent in to disrupt and derail technical innovation- That strategy goes back to ancient times- The Romans were especially good at suffocating innovative ideas that would loosen their grip on the populace- The Catholic church was their greatest success in derailing and destroying the collective imagination-

    1. richard benedict

      I am delighted to learn you are going to write about Hitler. I am looking forward to reading it. Hitler, like JFK and Manson before I had my fakology glasses, remains an enigma to me. Nothing I read about the Hitler phenomenon makes sense to me. Please keep us posted. [Miles’ treatment I can patiently wait for.]

        1. Blue Moon

          I’ve given myself an arbitrary deadline of 4/20, Uncle Adolph’s “birthday” and the pothead’s Xmas- Suffice it to say, “Hitler” will prove to be as phony as Obama bin Laden-

  5. derealium

    Musk and Zuckerborg (if he’s even real) = 100% fraud
    Steve Jobs has a smelly background too. 97% fraud

    Good verifiable content in those articles, the reason I like Mathis even if he embellishes or has some odd takes on certain characters or issues.


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