Keep the slaves in fear

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A new, interesting voice from the past.

A New Show for a new year.The world of conspiracy discussed, dissected, sliced and diced.Topics include: The current state of the alternative media, American mythos, and following the trail of scripted news events. Also included at no extra charge: various rants about the Manson family, social engineering and the narrative we are all supposed to believe in…. Your browser does not support the audio element. DownloadScorpio’s Talksho


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1 thought on “Keep the slaves in fear

  1. UNreal

    thanks for linking to Scorpio’s Grand Conspiracy Hour !
    Talkshoe page here

    really like the humerous and relaxing tone of the host ‘Scorpio_Norcal’. there are about 30 episodes of the show going back to 2011. in later years the shows are more spread out out with only a show or three a year,,, hope the ‘Scorpio Hour’ will become more frequent once again in 2016.

    would love to hear Scorpio interviewed by Ab, it would make for a great show !


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