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Alec Baldwin helps faking of a murderer

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Celebrity podcaster Alec Baldwin lends his “credibility” to the simulated reality hybrid “phenom” Making of a Murderer.

The lesbian producers of this carefully crafted OJ jr. simulated doc give a few clues in this interview tipping the listener to fakery.

Which parts are true?  Which are false? Are both producers carefully chosen CIA crime writers,  blurring the lines once more between fact and fiction?

Will anyone invest time trying to figure this out?

In 1985, Steven Avery was convicted and imprisoned for sexual assault in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. He served nearly two decades of his sentence before being exonerated on the basis of new forensic evidence. Shortly after launching a multimillion dollar lawsuit seeking compensation for his wrongful detention, Avery was arrested and convicted for a horrific local murder. The ten-part Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer examines both cases, and asks whether and in what ways the criminal

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More space bubbles and other ISS comedy

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Advance to 2:44:44 for the latest space comedy. Adam continues to laugh off the ISS space hoax and John ignores it.

“drink the water bubble to see what it tastes like”

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