More space bubbles and other ISS comedy

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Advance to 2:44:44 for the latest space comedy. Adam continues to laugh off the ISS space hoax and John ignores it.

0;drink the water bubble to see what it tastes like”

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1 thought on “More space bubbles and other ISS comedy

  1. xileffilex

    I’d love to get SMJ’s take on the Sabatier hustle/process for generating water on the ISS….…
    Just imagine if that broke down [not that they’re anywhere off the ground]…

    The Sabatier system has long been a part of the space station plan, but the retirement of NASA’s space shuttles elevated the need for new resources to provide water. For a decade, shuttles have provided water for the station as a byproduct of the fuel cells they use to generate electricity. Sabatier supplements the capability of resupply vehicles to provide water to the station, without becoming a sole source for this critical station resource.

    Currently in operation on the station, Sabatier is the final piece of the regenerative environmental control and life-support system. This hardware was successfully activated in October 2010 and interacts directly with the Oxygen Generation System, which provides hydrogen, sharing a vent line.

    Prior to Sabatier, the Oxygen Generation System vented excess carbon dioxide and hydrogen overboard. Rather than wasting these valuable chemicals, Sabatier enables their reuse to generate additional water for the station. With room and resources at a premium in space, this is a significant contribution to the space station’s supply chain.…
    NASA is using the Sabatier reaction to recover water from exhaled carbon dioxide and the hydrogen previously discarded from electrolysis on the International Space Station and possibly for future missions.
    additional hydrogen is supplied from Earth to make up the difference.
    Just imagine if we could simulate that “here” on earth with gravity… has it been done? Surely you’d have a dry run to debug the system….and we’ll just recapture the CO2 you breath out….. just like that!
    This guy seems to think it’s a piece of cake –…

    This clown, at the start of the video, says all the water needed could be shot up to the ISS

    but there’s a nice looking piece of kit made to look as if it works……

    Here it is being installed by Astro-not Doug Wheelock…

    Just like that!

    See comment by Hammen and NASA stooge answer here-…

    This has to be one of the biggest give-aways for the whole ISS charade.


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