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This domain is available – perhaps someone should grab it?

I will always respect and admire Simon and his work-forever-despite our divergence on different topics. That’s what makes most of the world (go round).

Yes, this (and other) sites are full of sock puppets. The voices on audio are most likely NOT, hence the level 3 verification for those without a voice.

Now that I’ve run a web site for a while, I am convinced that letter writers in newspapers (and some columnists) and radio and TV call ins are scripted more than we realize. The internet has just made it easier to control and replicate the simulation.

And no – ‘Clueseau’ was not me (I only ever post on the internets as ‘simonshack’) – nor anyone I know of. Just someone who consistently posted thoughtful / no-nonsense stuff over there. Let’s hope that this peculiar ‘level 3 verification’ will sort things out.

via http://www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?t=1424&p=2399040#p2399040

As Ro11o has often stated, the opposite of love is to be ignored. Clearly, this site is not by quite a few.


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Audiochat-The return of No Name with Tom Dalpra

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The entity formerly known as PShea makes a return to flatologist audiochat, with host Tom Dalpra.


Update: so good to hear Peter back. Enjoyable discussion about the David Bowie death hoax. Hardly a word about the “name” legal illusion.

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Every album was a different persona

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The deceptive fabric called media is a gentle weave of fake and reality. Anyone find anything on “Jack Steven”? Gematria Zach? Is this worth even looking in to?

Every album is a different persona. 4:31 Reality and fakery woven together into a deceptive fabric – getting harder to detect every day but thanks to you Russianvids and others we can try and figure it out.

In your face with Michael Jackson as well.


We are told Bowie’s eyes were two different colors… perhaps this is a clue since we can’t see “Jack’s” eye colors. The first Jack had bad teeth – but even with caps they wouldn’t have changed that much unless he had them all pulled (ouch!). This is a repeat of the Michael Jackson/Dave Dave mockery. Did you do a vid on that?

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