Audiochat-The return of No Name with Tom Dalpra

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The entity formerly known as PShea makes a return to flatologist audiochat, with host Tom Dalpra.


Update: so good to hear Peter back. Enjoyable discussion about the David Bowie death hoax. Hardly a word about the 0;name” legal illusion.

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4 thoughts on “Audiochat-The return of No Name with Tom Dalpra

  1. Gwynned

    Peter, the minute I saw Bowie (or his current incarnation) on Sky News I felt like I was reading a script from the MJ hoax where Michael appeared during his memorial on Larry King disguised as the severely burned Dave Dave whom Michael helped over the years, or so the story goes. It’s clear to me that few icons really die, their characters are merely removed from the script. As you point out, these people all operate under fake identities. so it may be – and probably is – that several people step in to play the part as time goes on. V in V for Vendetta said that you can kill a man but not an idea. These people are more ‘ideas’ than real people and I include Michael in that. Which is not to minimize their importance or discount the impact of their disappearance. As V also said, when Evey realizes how she has been misled, ‘because you believed it, you were changed.” It is our time to shine, Peter. Glad to see you’re back, but would like to see your face once in awhile as well.

  2. Carole Thomas

    Loved the conversation between you two guys – feels a bit like sitting in an Irish pub eavesdropping on a chat between two old friends. @Tom I loved the idea of “giving truth an airing” It is so important to keep our sense of humour – if they take that away from us then we might as well admit defeat and start watching Celebrity Big Brother. @Peter I know what you mean about feeling “life is desperate”, and “convenient lies” and trying to strike a balance with your kids, and I think – as corny as it sounds – love is the only response, and you seem to be doing everything right with your son,
    In the meantime, the game is on and truth must be out there somewhere. mustn’t it?

  3. khammad

    24 min 20 seconds:

    “There is so much fucking evidence of a flat earth…’ -Pshea

    OK then, please state your fucking evidence.


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