Every album was a different persona

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The deceptive fabric called media is a gentle weave of fake and reality. Anyone find anything on 0;Jack Steven”? Gematria Zach? Is this worth even looking in to?

Every album is a different persona. 4:31 Reality and woven together into a deceptive fabric – getting harder to detect every day but thanks to you Russianvids and others we can try and figure it out.

In your face with Michael Jackson as well.


We are told Bowie’s eyes were two different colors… perhaps this is a clue since we can’t see 0;Jack’s” eye colors. The first Jack had bad teeth – but even with caps they wouldn’t have changed that much unless he had them all pulled (ouch!). This is a repeat of the Michael Jackson/Dave Dave mockery. Did you do a vid on that?

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33 thoughts on “Every album was a different persona

  1. Linda

    In the early 70s Bowie was alarmingly thin due to his drug use. He also had terrible teeth. Eventually he had the teeth fixed and gained some weight as he tried to get back to a healthier lifestyle. This made him look different to his Ziggy Stardust and Young American days. It is quite possible Jack Steven who had very bad teeth too had all his teeth removed and new ones put in. A lot of people have that done. I’ve been a Bowie fan for more than 30 years. I don’t think Jack Steven is trying to deliberately sound or look like Bowie, because he doesn’t. Maybe Bowie was out of the public eye for so long people have forgotten what he really looked like. Jack Steven’s eyes are thd same and he’s not wearing contacts because his eyes are responding naturally to light. Impossible that he is Bowie no matter how you try to make it fit.

    1. antipodean

      Bowie was a heavy smoker.

      Most people I know of who died youngish or before their time, relative to having the funds to live healthily were heavy smokers.

  2. richard benedict

    As Tom Dalpra has stated, Bowie was successful because he was constantly reinventing himself. Here is the one I believe 100% in the eyes behind the disguise.

  3. Aris Tocles


    Luis Dubuc (Mystery Skulls/Secret Handshake) just happens to take a photo in front of David Bowie’s blue right eye in the background. This guy mentions David Bowie as his musical influence.

    I mentioned in another comment a few days ago that never appeared, (maybe I didn’t hit reply). Larry Little is Jack Steven partner in both Fortess Music and KUBA entertainment.

    Kuba Stepniak was signed by Frank Dileo. Frank Dileo was reunited with Michael Jackson just prior to his death (Dave Dave) hoax. Frank Dileo is also “dead” . I think Larry Little is actually Frank Dileo. Just like there is actually a real Dave Dave who doesn’t sound like the Dave Dave on Larry King. There is a Jack Steven. But that Jack Steven was not the one who appeared on Sky News interview.

    Frank Dileo was also an actor. He appeared in Goodfellas and both Wayne’s World as Mr Big.
    But its true!

    So death staging is a real possibility.

    Jack Steven mentioned the passing of Lennon in his Sky News interview
    This could be a hint about that as well.

  4. Nemesis

    I think it’s getting harder to work out what the real truth is when it comes to these celebrity deaths, on the surface the Bowie one looks suspicious, like many celeb deaths do, but no ones really knows the real truth, well some do, so we’re all left to speculate….

    Some of the clues now though are just being made too blatantly obvious, 69, the video, new album out etc… sure he’s not selling like he use too, but then he didn’t have to. The Bowie brand lives on….

    David Bowie planned ‘a long list of unscheduled musical releases’ before he died
    Read more at www.nme.com/news/david-bowie/9…

    And the Jack Stevens bit seems to be a bit of and inside joke, probably orchestrated by Bowie himself… this person mentions Stevens in her blog, unless that’s been made up too jasminedotiwala.co.uk/quincy-j…

    Either way, its not far off from Dallas Goldbug territory, and that probably was the point…

    Also you had 3 great artists last year pass away, B B King, Ben E King and Percy Sledge who i think all genuinely passed away, how comes no ‘conspiracy’ or big fuss about their deaths?

    1. xileffilex

      She can’t even get “legendary” A&R man Steven’s name right – either in 2010 or in 2015 when he had become a Bowie double rabbit-hole legend

      Also in the house were my best mate since I was ten years old Anita, music industry legend Jack Stevens and his very fly young,hipster daughter Isabella


  5. Tom Dalpra

    As I’ve said, this idea that Jack Steven is David Bowie, always seemed obviously false to me.

    Jack Steven looked and sounded like the A and R man he said he was. T

    1. Tom Dalpra

      …As I’ve said, this idea that Jack Steven is David Bowie, always seemed obviously false to me.

      Jack Steven looked and sounded like the A and R man he said he was. This video (below) I found appears to show some real research including the interesting fact that Fortress Music’s two main promoted acts at the moment are Mystery Skulls ( mystery schools anyone?) and The Orwells.

      I think the phone call to Steven’s partner that this guy makes is real and that the ( maybe suspicious sounding Larry Little ) is real and he answers honestly.

      Jack Steven says he’s been an industry man for years and his CV reads like he’s an ‘establishment’ music guy.
      In this capacity he will be well known within the industry and his likeness to David Bowie would be well known.

      You can’t claim to have signed the Eurythmics for RCA on mainstream television without being able to back it up, I don’t think. Being head of A and R at a record company means you’re a face. A well known guy within certain circles, by definition.

      Having gone on mainstream television saying he was head of A and R at RCA means he must have been because you couldn’t get away with that lie. Regardless of anything else.

      1. ab Post author

        Good link Tom. Here’s my reply:

        Coroners use teeth to match – nothing else. This means that other features are easier to change and routinely are. I think this new Jack looks more like Bowie than old Jack, but I still don’t think it’s the same person either. If you cannot convince, confuse: this is the name of the game in psyOps. The only thing I am sure about is that Bowie’s career died – a long time ago. Last week it was buried – for good. May he now sell more audio in death, like Elvis, to old people. Those under 50 don’t pay for music, and soon the old ones will be gone too. Bowie and his team were masters of deception and persona, so it’s no wonder he played his cards right until his “end”.

        1. Aris Tocles

          “This is Larry”

          Here is my response to ExplorerOne
          “So music execs don’t have anyone answering their phone. Too freakin funny. How bout a pic of This is Larry? No pics of him with Luis Dubuc. So you sign a deal with Warner Brothers and no photo with your manager? What about Kuba Stepniak? Any pictures with Larry Little and the God of Pop? You tracked him down alright. “this is Larry” . Haha?”

          1. Aris Tocles

            Well I am am wrong. I could not find this Larry Little guy before until just now. He used to own a company called Futures Sounds. The voice on that interview sounds just like Larry Little from Future Sounds. This is from 2009.


            So I don’t know. I should have known Huffington Post starting this shit, there had to be something off.

          2. Aris Tocles

            This is to xileffilex. I do think its the same guy. He has a photo of him in younger days with a fro. However, he does have an interesting instagram photo from 33 weeks ago.

            “Just saw this…is he OK?”
            “Yeah. Hit me up offline…”

            Same photo as this

            Maybe Jack Steven was “changed” a bit a 7 months ago in order to sell this faux hoax. It is interesting that that was about the same time Warner Bros signed a deal for Luis Dubuc (Mystery Skull/Secret Handshake) to record an album by Nile “Let’s Dance” Rodgers and featured Brandy.

    2. UNreal

      what about a relevant example of an actor playing a role ?

      under is Johnny Depp on the left, and someone else on the right?
      — different eycolor, not the same bags under the eyes, wrinkles, chin, etc.

  6. UNreal

    if Davis Bowie would have been disguised as Jack Steven for a film, this is very much how he would look…

    how can anyone deny the ressemblance between Davis Bowie and this Jack Steven spook?
    — add a pair of lenses (same color this time)
    — do some Botox (even some plastic surgeries?)
    — put on some makeup (even modify the nose)
    — use a nerdy hairstyle covering Bowies high front
    — rehearse for the the new role (handy Bowie actually was an actor too)

    ok, there is a slim chance a guy this much alike David Bowie comes along as a David Bowie expert, but it’s 1 in a Trillion. if Bowie was still alive (which he is) he’s both the best man for the job, the most likely to want this part and also the last person to tell anyone about it…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      UNreal said – ” ok, there is a slim chance a guy this much alike David Bowie comes along as a David Bowie expert, but it’s 1 in a Trillion. ”

      No it is not UN. That’s a ludicrous, false statement.

      I struggle to find any evidence at all that this is David Jones.
      Have you seen this story all over the mainstream papers ? Can you not see that it seems likely this has been deliberately suggested ?
      This isn’t ‘mockery’, this is them playing with people’s heads and getting them running around talking bullshit.

      1. ab Post author

        Jack and his company have a razor thin internet presence. Are you too close to these musicians Tom to see the fakery? Let’s discuss on audiochat.

        1. Tom Dalpra

          Ab said – Let’s discuss on audiochat.

          Sure. I already did, a bit, with Peter. I think it’s absolute rubbish Ab and I certainly don’t think I’m ‘too close to these musicians’ to ‘see the fakery’ here.
          I think it’s more like ( at risk of sounding pompous) I’m a researcher with a track record and a very good knowledge of the subject and you should be listening to me! Haha!

          David Bowie being Jack Steven is rubbish and appears a deliberately contrived distraction.

      2. UNreal

        That’s a ludicrous, false statement.

        @Tom, i take it you disagree with me, albeit in an ‘appeal to ridicule’ kind of way. shouting loud does not however mean your argument is any more valid or convincing.

        my opinion is contrary to yours – for the reasons mentioned in my post i’m leaning towards blatant mockery in a DCP operation executed by the self-proclaimed occult artist himself.

        the likeness between Bowie/Stevens when it comes to the eyes, mouth and facial proportions and expressions (voice too) can be disputed of course, but not ignored unless you are unreasonable. to add to that, if Bowie faked his death (as i’m convinced he did) this would have been planned down to the release-date of his album and the media coverage thereafter. as the main character of the DCP, Bowie was involved in the whole operation and when they planned his posthumous interview, do you think Bowie wasn’t interested or best suited to play the part ? — one actor less to pay/involve.

  7. Tom Dalpra

    When I first saw this I had to look twice, but that was enough to have a firm take.
    Whoever this guy is, he’s not David Bowie.

    The digital break-up along with the guy’s subtle similarities, if you will, look interesting, in context.

    Some usual suspects, ( he of Bill Hicks is Alex Jones ) Russianvids and ( he of the Duchess of Cambridge has a penis ) Junglesurfer are on to this one.
    And people have bitten. See them take the bait and run.
    ”It’s David!”

    If it wasn’t done on purpose, it sure looks like it. With Bowie’s death being so evidently planned, should it be any surprise that this might be a little play on us ? The follow up to this is in the mainstream rags.
    The myths and legends begin – under control from the start , here in the safe hands and form, of company man in a nice jumper with good hair and teeth, Jack Steven.

    ”Look at the digital break-up man, he’s morphing, it is him!!”

    1. richard benedict

      at the risk of losing my audience…here goes.

      Here is the real David Bowie from November 25, 1977 who is the “eyes” behind “Jack Stevens”


      This is guy we associate with the name David Bowie.

      Here is a different guy from October 16, 1977.


      This the one we associate with “Ziggy Stardust” The one Dick Cavett calls a working actor at the at the 1:20 mark in the interview below from 1974.


      Although Ziggy from 1974 appears to be an emaciated drug addled wretch and thus the difference in appearance, the same can not be said about the 2 characters from 1977 only one month apart. The Bowie from October looks more like the 1974 narrow faced Ziggy than the square faced Bowie of one month later.

        1. richard benedict

          @ab, my preliminary conclusion is that the original Bowie was replaced at the time of Ziggy Stardust. When Ziggy came… I am sure all the make up, removed eyebrows, red hair and all served as a disguise to conceal the change of a person. This standard operating procedure with celebrity doubles.

          Another technique that was used with the Beatles circa 1963 was alternating doubles in public appearances to acclimate the public to the new set. I have not viddied enough Bowie interviews to see if they were using doubles at the same. The two interviews from 1977, I now believe, are the same person [h/t to nemisis].

          Neverthelss, the second (Ziggy) and third Bowie (the one you saw as a disguised double) can be one and the same person (but I still feel a different air about them). But these results are very raw. I need more time and concentrate on the photos.

          In the interviews I posted there are several of references to a “new person” and “different identities” etc. I am sure Yalie rat Dick Cavett knew it all.

          Remember this in your face exchange with the actor playing George Harrison at the 1:00 mark.

          But what I am 100% sure of is that the first young Bowie, who was present until Ziggy, is NOT the second and the third person(s). He is I believe a long-forgotten by the public real lad born David Robert Jones. I will attached a photo on this reply and a couple more.
          Celebrity doubles/replacements is a tricky subject and I need to post the relevant pictures. Ab, how can I post multiple pictures files? As it is right now, I can only post 1 or 2 in replies.

      1. Nemesis

        So the Bowie in the first 2 interviews isn’t the same guy?

        Here’s a comparison, along with the Heroes video around the same time..

        1. richard benedict

          @nemesis, yes, thank you, you’re right, I stand corrected. I believe now the two 1977 Bowie’s are the same thanks to your comp picture. Well done.

          The second Ziggy (circa 1974) and third Bowie (the eyes behind the disguised double Ab saw0 can be one and the same person (but I still feel a different air about them).I was not a fan of Bowie and did not listen to his music. These results I have are very raw. I need more time and concentrate on the photos.

          But what I am 100% sure of is that the first young Bowie, who was present until Ziggy, is NOT the second and the third person(s). He is I believe a long-forgotten by the public real lad born David Robert Jones.
          I am hobbled by an inability to post multiple photos. Until, I know how to do so, I can only post a few that I think are revealing.

          Ziggy from the 1974 interview pictured


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