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This domain is available – perhaps someone should grab it?

I will always respect and admire Simon and his work-forever-despite our divergence on different topics. That’s what makes most of the world (go round).

Yes, this (and other) sites are full of sock puppets. The voices on audio are most likely NOT, hence the level 3 verification for those without a voice.

Now that I’ve run a web site for a while, I am convinced that letter writers in newspapers (and some columnists) and radio and TV call ins are scripted more than we realize. The internet has just made it easier to control and replicate the simulation.

And no – ‘Clueseau’ was not me (I only ever post on the internets as ‘simonshack’) – nor anyone I know of. Just someone who consistently posted thoughtful / no-nonsense stuff over there. Let’s hope that this peculiar ‘level 3 verification’ will sort things out.

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As Ro11o has often stated, the opposite of love is to be ignored. Clearly, this site is not by quite a few.


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8 thoughts on “Flatologist.com

    1. Carole Thomas

      Hi Tal, thanks I’m doing well. My big project at the moment is investigating manufactured history. Stay tuned for some thought-provoking information. Once you get down into the depths of rabbit hole, there seems to be no end to the warren!

  1. ArmunnRigh

    @Carole Thomas:

    Thank you SO much for the extensive laughter I just enjoyed while reading/watching your post and video links!

    I am glad you are humorous about this and I would take my hat off to you, if I was ever wearing one! Well, I’ll do it anyway, in a simulated way.

    Do share Ms Gemma’s response, if she ever gets herself to writing one!

    Oh and cheers for that glass of red! Don’t spill on the map… unless, of course, you only hit the red sea.

      1. ArmunnRigh

        Ah, your Portuguese does me honor.

        Such a peculiar map, indeed.
        Where in the world is Australia, after all, then? How straight is a straight line in the air, I wonder.

        Regardless of that, I’m pretty sure that the airplane actually curves while flying straight ahead, but then gravity bends the world around it to show it stubbornly straight. There is no doubt Gravity is trying to end the Globe, Carole! How dare it distort such a beautiful shape, so comfortable to hold in The Hand?!

        1. Carole Thomas

          Thanks for the gift, Armunn.
          It’s cheered me up no end to hold the whole world in my hand.
          I just came across this on FalseBook and was beginning to feel like a bit of an under-achiever…

          1. ArmunnRigh

            Is that the Landing of the stairway to the Moon?

            I bet that pile of paper would work as a beanstalk did for a certain Jack. I bet it would!

            Could there be a giant up there that is fond of eating Englishmen?


            Maybe we’re lucky and it will turn out to be a Gentle Giant!

            Although it does seem to be already Acquiring the Taste of… well… hmmm…

  2. Carole Thomas

    Wow – As the official coiner maybe I should buy the domain in the hope of getting extra coinage?

    But back to flatology/globology:

    Hoping to grasp the process of map-making, plotting and projection in more depth, I’ve been amusing myself watching some old Pathe news reels about aerial surveys, hoping they’ll afford the necessary insight. Wanna join me?

    OK, let’s start in Durban, SA in 1933

    Oh God, I thought that plane was going to crash!
    Good to know that the work of the surveyor is getting easier though. It’s more about jigsaw puzzles than theodolites ( a word of distressingly obscure origin blog.oup.com/2009/05/theodolit…)

    BTW Wiki gives us this ACSM definition of surveying:
    The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), defines surveying as the science and art of making all essential measurements to determine the relative position of points or physical and cultural details above, on, or beneath the surface of the Earth, and to depict them in a usable form, or to establish the position of points or details.[citation needed]

    Let’s move on to 1935 to get some juicy details of the process itself.
    OK, he does not want me to worry my pretty, less than Size 8 head about the details ( their target audience seems to be pub-crawling, inebriated gents anyhow)

    Maybe this reel from 1943 will ease off on the stereotypes?

    I just love those French knots!

    Let’s skadoodle (sp.) on to post- war London Maybe they will have higher expectations of their audience’s intelligence and use long words. Indeed, The capital is about to be passed through a “rectifying enlarger” to become untilted.

    Well, did the public take to the idea?

    Yep – and the strategic planners too. Onwards…to 1966 when they were using spotter planes and navigators under the dome ( perspex, that is, don’t get me wrong)

    Oh dear – do they really have Jersey laid out on a table?

    Anyway – let’s get back to the present and see a really cute 3-D map built by Piper’s and plotted with data ( Crown Copyright) from OS (Ordnance Survey)

    “NLA’s 1:2000 scale 3D map is the centrepiece of the NLA ( New London Architecture) galleries at over 12 metres long. The model includes more than 85 km2 of London, 19 Boroughs and around 170,000 buildings. It extends from King’s Cross in the north to Peckham in the south and the Royal Docks in the east to Old Oak Common in the west.”




    You can even book a guided model tour.


    So is the map flat or not?
    Gemma is the head of Corporate Communication at New London Architecture. I thought she would be the right one to ask.

    Here’s a copy of the email I just sent her.

    “Hi Gemma
    Congrats on the map! It looks fantastic:-)
    My son is doing a report/ presentation on the map for a school project and he has nearly all the info he needs. One quick question though – did you account for the curvature of the earth and if so how much curvature is there exactly as the model looks pretty flat.
    We’d be very grateful if you could just provide that extra info as its part of his maths project and his teacher is pretty strict!
    Thanks in advance

    Awaiting reply.

    And while I do, I will amuse myself drinking a glass of red wine and playing cards on old maps like the lady in the following newsreel ( see if you can spot a flat earth map with a water rim)
    Ah – the plot is thickening:-)


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