8 thoughts on “These boots weren’t made for moon walking

  1. Aris Tocles

    “The backpack, the lunar boots, lunar gloves and the EVVA were all thrown out on the lunar surface
    just prior to liftoff to offset the weight of the rocks collected for return to Earth.”

    Well clearly those boots (or gloves) were not Armstrong’s. According to the “story”. All moonwalking missions left behind backpacks, gloves, and over boots to off set the weight of the petrified wood, i mean moon rocks.


    I wonder who makes the decision to give Platex (Abram Nathanial Spanel) the contract for space suits. Google that name and see where it takes you.

  2. Carole Thomas

    Nice to see a German fakeologist making an appearance here!
    Tom just posted this in the chat however:

    “DalTampra: @Carolethomas there were two sorts of apollo 17 space shoes. Inside wear and out. This is not irregular. Junglesurfer made the same ‘clanger’ on one of his”

    The clip is still definitely worth watching though – the suit seems to represent a new form of ancient relic, like the bones of a saint…

      1. Carole Thomas

        Haha – they wish!
        When you see the MASSIVE amount of evidence against the Apollo saga, you begin to wonder what it would take to jolt people out of their trance.
        Again, thanks, Ab, for providing such a great venue for us moonwalk sceptics to tread:-)

      2. Tom Dalpra

        Well, quite, but for the record, here’s Junglesurfer at 12 seconds into his ( 34,000 views ) Moon Hoax Nailed Part 1 video using it as his opening evidence.

        The point is very easily debunked. There were ‘inside’ shoes and outside moon boots.
        It’s not Moon Hoax evidence. Simple as that and anyone using it to try and convince someone that the Moon Landings were fake is going to look wrong.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Junglesurfer is provably wrong in the evidence he is presenting here, that’s all. Rather than question the personality, I’m questioning this specific supporting evidence that the moon landings were a hoax.

            It is not valid evidence.

            This was not some huge oversight on the part of NASA. It seems clear there was always separate ”outdoor wear”. The birth of the Moonboot, no less- something tangible that NASA has truly brought to society.

            Those and velcro.

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