Russianvids does 9/11

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I still enjoy Russianvids’ stuff, even though he just can’t apply his normal logic to 9/11. Why is so hard for people to deconstruct? Is it just too big of a lie?

This proves you can’t agree with everyone about everything…not that it’s necessary.

You’re analyzing fabricated footage (ie. a movie). The two buildings were brought down like any other buildings. Anything you’re watching was done in a studio and portrayed as LIVE (inverted is EVIL). Nothing hit the towers. The hole (if there even was one) could have easily been created with conventional explosives. Re-watch Also, who died? Do you have the names? Are they on the memorial website?

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25 thoughts on “Russianvids does 9/11

  1. Nemesis


    The Bob & Bri footage did come out in 2006 and at the time couldve been the ‘Smoking Gun’ footage to answer a lot of questions. That is until the strange editing in the middle of the video.

    More here…

    Another video that appeared a year later was the 9/11 eyewitness doc filmed from New Jersey.

    These seem to be the better “Amateur” footage vids around

    This was a good resource…

  2. Zalian

    There certainly is alot of smoke, not sure what to make of it yet, i must honestly admit 9/11 is not my baby like many on this site and i have probably not researched it in the same extent as many.

    But the smokescreen theory does atleast sound possible as far as military capablity go, to me.
    (does not mean its true, just that it sounds more possible than lets say spacebeams ;P )

    But i think its obvious to everyone that both towers was not brought down at the same time.
    No the footage is not CGI, best i can give you is minateure model, but that would not look like that.

    And if the footage is fake and those two options are ruled out, exactly why are they fake and how?

    All i’m left with at this point is military smoke and mirrors


    1. Hare Brain

      The smoke & mirrors strategy requires that no one is paying attention. In all of these events, no one is ever in a position to get the money shot – for 9/11 that would be the 2nd explosion. Or if you use the clues forum theory, no one notices that there is smoke covering the entire wtc complex before the collapse. So the theory is: towers are there one minute, smoke covers them up (this is not the smoke coming out of the gaping hole, this is just…smoke coming from nowhere?), towers gone; the actual collapse is not seen by anyone. And no one in the entire city is filming this. or ever mentions it, to anyone.

      1. xileffilex

        This flickr set looks like another layer of deception – I can’t see the name mentioned anywhere else which is why I mention them…

        So, dad uploads the photos taken on the “special” film of daughter
        Family here –…

        The flickr group is stuffed with fake images. Who’s the admin? Vince. This one might be genuine though- said to be from 2pm – smoke smoke and more smoke. Nothing to see.…

        1. xileffilex

          Another collapse “photographer” who allegedly died when taking his dramatic photos was Bill Biggart who is well covered at Cluesforum

          It goes without saying that the official story of his “death” is preposterous.
          “After four days, Biggart’s body was pulled from the rubble, and identified by his fingerprints. The medical examiner told Doremus it was not suitable for viewing” but fortunately, all his photos, recovered from his camera were!

          Wendy has been keeping a low profile since 2001, apart from one excursion in 2002 to World Press Freedom Day at Arlington, May 5.

        2. xileffilex

          The “widow” of one key 911 collapse photographer Bill Biggart has been keeping a low profile since 9/11, apart from this one brief foray in 2002, World Press Freedom Day at Arlington, May 5
          20:30 to about 26:00 Towards the end, some oh-so-funny “black Irish humor” – what advice would Bill have given had he not “died” under collapsing WTC rubble? “..don’t stand under any tall buildings that have just been hit by airplanes”
          Ho ho.
          Wendy keeps a minimalist FB page [as indeed do her children]

          is this “Chip” East, friend of a friend of Wendy? Sure is.
          The absurd story of Bill’s “death” is here.
          Background on this faker’s photos



          Good job his camera and film survived to tell the tale.

          Perhaps, indeed the photographer was a creation of Chip East?

  3. xileffilex

    The evacuation zone is a fascinating topic.
    It’s worth revisiting Simon’s post, February 7th, 2014, [et seq]….
    especially these sections –

    A military-grade smokescreen was raised before the supposed 9:59 collapse of WTC2. The possibility that any odd bystanders (in what by then was a fully evacuated area)


    Once the smokescreen was deemed dense enough – and enveloped the entire WTC complex – the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers were “go”. When exactly this took place is nothing that we can ever know – yet anytime between 9:59 and 10:28 is a good guess. (please note that 29 minutes [2+9=11] separate the two alleged WTC collapse timelines – just another joke). The two towers were likely ‘pulled’ simultaneously.

    That seems as reasonable as you can get.
    One can imagine anyone supposed to be working in the towers was “in on it”. For instance the people operating the unopened viewing platform. We have enough flaky survivor excuse stories to back that up.
    But what about anybody living or working nearby? This story from 2011, fermented for 10 years,naturally, attempts to portray business life nearby……
    Artie Van Why on the psychiatrist’s couch

    He was working as a clerical assistant at law firm Holland & Knight, and his office was on the 23rd floor of a building separated from the World Trade Center site only by Church Street and the Millennium Hilton hotel. At 08:46, a loud boom shook the building.

    “I walked a short distance to Church Street where the towers were and that’s when I saw the North Tower for the first time. I was dumbstruck. It was hard to comprehend what I was seeing.
    “There was a huge black hole, the flames were bright orange and the smoke was billowing out of the tower.”
    More people were arriving on the streets, he says, and sirens could be heard in the background

    His main job though is to support the falling people “fact”.
    Why isn’t Artie’s workplace named? Here it is..…
    195 Broadway New York, NY 10007 Tel- 212-513-3200, 212-385-9010 Fax…
    The Western Union building of 29 stories, Main tenant Thompson Reuters….
    as in this alleged 9/11 image by Star-Ledger photographer Aristide Economopoulos who escaped the collapse of the north tower

    I’m naturally curious about what happened that day to all those working in high rise blocks,or commuting or shopping nearby around 9am. Would it have been possible to do that in an hour? Hare Brain again asks a sensible question.

    It’s also worth noting Ab’s bullet points…
    Lower Manhattan was evacuated by early 9/11/2001 – around 50 “drills” were used as the excuse

    From Wikipedia

    Immediately after the first attack, the captains and crews of a large number of local boats steamed into the attack zone to assist in evacuation… Estimates of the number of people evacuated by water from Lower Manhattan that day in the eight-hour period following the attacks range from 500,000 to 1,000,000…As many as 2,000 people injured in the attacks were evacuated by this means

    I’m afraid this doesn’t quite mesh wity the sparsely populated, zany boat evacuation drill in this purported 9/11 video of the evacuation from about 4m onwards…

    And would there really be any need for all these evacuations from the “island”?

    Back to the cordon – from about 4.55 here 6,49 and 33m, and 41.48, see this Michael Burton character from the Department of Design and Construction, who was charged that morning with preventing the public from wandering around the Trade Center complex…”never realising that the towers would actually collapse” Really?…
    Listen to him! You can argue with the imagery from 5.30 if you like.
    Here he is today…

    1. xileffilex

      I just came across this collapse story…see a comment below by Charlene Troggio,
      source – destinationmarketer.wordpress….
      “…my youngest son Ross was a student at Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn on Myrtle Ave just across from the Trade Center, you can imagine my hysteria.

      We learned later that he had been in class and someone had come in to say a plane had hit the building, so they all went up to the roof, and were there to witness the buildings come down. He stayed in school, although his academics suffered, and he still won’t discuss the events of the day or subsequent weeks.”

      I bet he won’t. So the school goes up onto the roof…and gets a clear view of it? Really? Art School…must have been stacks of people taking photos, drawing up there….……

  4. Tom Dalpra

    Russianvids thinks about 200 people died on 9/11. He doesn’t get it then, does he ?
    Isn’t that perhaps one of the main keys to understanding 9/11 ?

    9/11 was the biggest psyOp of our generation. If Russianvids is still pushing ‘murder’ on 9/11, then how seriously can we take him ?

    Aside from his take on 9/11, Russianvids also pushes the idea that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks.
    Apart from appearing to be impossible, the idea, if given credence, makes Alex Jones, not only one of the best loved alternative comedians of all-time but also a genius actor.

    Think about it, this idea, indirectly, makes Alex Jones look very good.

    I suggest that people don’t buy it .

    For me Russianvids, despite talking some real and interesting things, is someone who has proved to me that he can get some things wrong in a big way and I now tread carefully when looking at any of his many videos.

    1. Aris Tocles

      “I suggest that people don’t buy it .” I don’t know if I buy it either but there is definitely a deliberate attempt to keep the Alex Jones is Bill Hicks op going.

      From Sacred Cow Productions website under Alex Jones “artist” bio
      Kevin Bloom says this
      “Maybe it’s the angry child in me, but it was all I needed to make it my personal mission to shove this new evil Rush Limbaugh character down the throats of all my beloved Hicksians.”

      On a youtube video from Sacred Cow Productions there is a 6 minute out take from show called the Halloween Special. Skip to 4 minutes and 43 seconds to hear Bill Hicks imitating Alex Jones. This was from Oct 1993.…

      On a recent episode of Infowars. Kevin Bloom was in studio with Billalex. References were made to Sam Kinison. And to Ninja Bachelor Party. You can watch it on Youtube. It just appeared to me to be them filming themselves hugwrestle. Billalex seems really close to Kevin throughout the segment.

      Actually it is worth reading all the artists bios on that web site. If you can read between the lines you get the picture.

      Kinison, Rogan, Ricky Ross, Stanhope (and Willie Nelson, Linklater, Judge, Wilson bothers) Its connected through Austin. Why do Ron and Rand Paul go on Alex Jones? Why did Drudge stop by (and give Billalex a woody?) Why did Trump? As far back as Slacker Linklater had a strategically placed billboard ad for Ron Paul the Libertarian for president.

      Ron Paul is and was a joke candidate all along. Take a look at his Morton Downey Jr appearance. He was a joke. And know that Morton Downey Jr was very very close to Ted Kennedy.

      Sorry for being all over the place but if Bill didn’t turn into Alex they sure do want us thinking they did.

    2. Carole Thomas

      Agree, Tom. Wheat from chaff and all that.

      To most people our understanding of the true extent of the fakery on 9/11 is so far away from their understanding of how the world works it is understandable that they don’t get it (immedediately) but someone who lives and breathes the matrix should have cottoned on to it by now.

  5. Hare Brain

    If the no-planes theory is correct, then isn’t there the possibility of a real person shooting video that conclusively confirms that no planes were involved. And then the possibility of that person uploading it to the internet at that time, or now if for some reason they wanted to hold onto it. I’m just asking, doesn’t this possibility exist? Or totally impossible?

    1. ab Post author

      I don’t subscribe to the no planes theory. I subscribe to the theory which includes no planes, no victims, and no real footage. There is no possibility of real footage, as the area was evacuated for a large buffer of time. Even if real footage existed outside the controllers, how would one recognize it? If it contradicts the rivers of fake footage people accept as true, then it will be ignored. The takeaway from 9/11 is not fake planes or CGI, it’s total spectrum domination from the military media. White is black and black is white, and you WILL accept that.

      1. Hare Brain

        How big is the evac area? How would they evacuate it? All those blocks of buildings, employees, hot dog vendors, sandwich shops, tourists…they were just scooted to the side by the police or military? When did the evacuation happen. And when was the evacuation period lifted. Even if there was a large evac area, can’t you see the world trade center for miles and miles. Wouldn’t there be real people saying they were forced out of the area before anything even happened. Wouldn’t there be real people in real businesses nearby already at work, how would you evacuate them.

        What if a similar event happened to the CN Tower, would an evac area prevent people from seeing the CN Tower?

        How long does is take to produce this amazing CGI? And what’s up with the amazing CGI New York but the plane footage is so crappy. How much of what was shown was CGI? Was it a CGI sky as well? In that case, they would have to know what the weather would be like that day. What if it was a cloudy day, or what if it rained. the number 9/11 is symbolic, so it had to happen on 9/11, so i don’t think they would postpone such a thing.

        1. Zalian

          Nothing was CGI (as in purely computer generated)

          Some of it might have been low level compositing like this :…

          But its hard to keep consistant between shots, and as i have stated earlier there is no way known to me how to fake the smoke from 9/11 in a computer (neither now or in 2001) that would look that good.

          Which leads me to belive that if cluesforum is correct that it must have been REAL practical effects taking place in REALITY.
          (military smoke machines, bombs, whatever you need to do that).
          And yes that opens for the questions you bring out about the evacuation, and in my opinion, in the overhead shots with smoke and debris, there should be no activity in the streets from people/cars/hotdog stands, these shots would in my opinion be the key to either proving Cluesforum beyond a shadow of a doubt or putting some holes in it.

          There is as far as im concerned no reason why the planes have to be real, could easily be COMPOSITED in (not CGI’d) and if they were composited ontop of a missile or something is still up in the air for me.

          Dealing with Russianvids “hole” it could be faked by various compositing like i showed in the youtube tutorial for after effects that everyone can reproduce on theire own in about an hour, but the girders being bendt inwards and seemingly patched very nicely into the rest of the building kinda debunks compositing in my view, since composites like this hardly ever hold up when zoomed in very very close.

          All in all i have no idea what ACTUALLY happened on 9/11, But there are some issues still left unresolved by cluesforum (probably heresy to say around here, but someone has to)

          The very first thing you learn when you do effects is to split everything into shots (camera angles) and every angle is basically its own thing, consistancy between cameras is the main thing to look for in anything fake, take any movie, this is where you can spot goofs.
          There is alot of these in 9/11 footage so tampering is self evident, but as to what extent is pretty hard to say (by design no doubt), and i am not a master of practical effects, but speaking as a CGI person, i see no evidence of CGI anywhere outside of the planes being a composite (which is easy to do).

          in the end the buildings was there one day and gone the next, why not play that up with added smokebombs/machines/whatever and not let a good demolition effect go to waste. I don’t see the benefit in CGI’ing it if they were coming down anyway, and lets face it, it looks WAY better than even the newest high budget movie San Andreas’s building collapses, that actually is CGI (14 years later).

          The question dividing us these days seem to be the casuality numbers, and vicsim report being what it is, i have not found anything real about them.

          But there has not been anything on this scale since 2001, did perhaps some random guys die and that is why they decided on smaller ops in the future (boston/paris/whatever) ? if so why have we not found theire actual families etc?

          The more i think about 9/11 the more i realize i dont understand, and at this point probably never will.
          arguing sims or not is valid sure, but its been 15 years, new evidence is hard to come by, aren’t we just grinding our gears at this point? isn’t that what “THEY” want?

          A good start for a new view would in my opinion be to break it down like Hollywood would, if they were to build it up.
          What shots would need to be faked in reality (overhead smoke shots in my opinion)?

          what shots would need a isolated set (possibly the flour lady ones) ?

          How would you bring the buildings down in reality? (standard demolition, or more enchanced ways for added smoke?)

          How big area would need to be closed off? and what excuse would you need to give people to close it off ?
          (i remember hearing on the news early that day that alot of explosions were heard from underground, was this the reason given to evac? and the evacuation was done live amidst the chaos? surely some random idiots would not get the memo and die if this was the case no?)

          To what extent would the media need to be involved ? (BBC obviously knew with the building 7 reported falling before it did clip).

          And where would the money come from?

          If this were all military compartmentalization, that answers alot, but still, alot of those shots look pretty real to me (planes and explosions not included)

          Now add to this Pentagon and shanskville where the planes also vanished and Bill clinton recently slipping up and saying “bombed” does it not go to show internal consistancy?
          would not conventional bombs/missiles be the military go to?
          this would also be easier to just composite planes over (an already flying missile) and people seeing it in real life would after years of tv be convinved they saw a plane right?

          Just when i start thinking like this i see in RussianVids clip that when they zoom out to a diffrent shot, the plane can NOT be seen coming in from far off, it just “appears” before it hits the building, does this mean the far of shot was real? or was the far off shot tampered with in a diffrent way to obfuscate even more?

          These are the things that still after all these years leave me saying “hmm” and i honestly dont know for sure what to go with.

          But as far as a working hypothesis is concerned, the Cluesforum one seems to be the most legit in my eyes, so im going with that for the time being, even though there are holes in this aswell (we are not generals in the military, no one on the internet has a full 100% view no matter what they themself claim)


          1. Carole Thomas

            Zal, I really appreciate your thoughtful take on things. It’s good to have the perspective of someone with real knowledge of compositing and cgi.

          2. Zalian


            This is exactly the kind of footage i have trouble with, when people claim all the footage is fake, it is obviously not cgi or computer generated in any way, compositing is also out of the picture in that clip, So you are left with “real” practical on location fakery (and outside my area of expertise).

            The calm filming and not running away by the camera man and his family seems abit off Though, so does some of the womans “audio” overlay, possibly added later.

            The youtube channel it is posted under is also promoting alot of Jew stuff, and the clip was added 4 years ago not 14.

            Possibly these guys were in the know, filming from a angle conducive to the mainstream story?
            there are camera cuts, and i wonder why wasnt that guy filming all along? why is several minutes missing?
            deliberately not showing something perhaps?

            There seems to be people running around at least far away from the towers, but close to them, it seems to be mostly police cars, though some random dudes can be seen.

            Alot of smoke but not much else of note in this clip, so hard to pull anything useful from it. The people claiming military smokescreen might very well be right.

            Just my toughts on your clip.


          3. Hare Brain

            The clues forum theory: military grade smoke screen, both towers brought down at the same time.

            What exactly is the smoke screen used for? From where does it originate? Does it magically travel up 110 stories? Or just used in the gaping hole? Was there a gaping hole?

            Pretend we’re in our New York city apartments looking at WTC. What do you think we’re able to see? According to eyewitnesses (yeah i know, none are credible), it was a beautiful perfect day with no clouds in the sky. And then smoke screen from out of nowhere? Is it possible for someone in their apartment to film this smoke screen that has enveloped all 110 stories of the WTC? Isn’t that a rather curious sight?

            On that day, I was hearing on the news that 30,000 (or was it 50,000) people worked at the WTC. But the hoax theory says nobody worked there, possibly for decades. They were empty buildings. We can’t confirm if these buildings were empty or had 50,000 employees. Wow.

            1. ab Post author

              The WTC is in a unique, isolated peninsula, perfect for running a HRDPAR. What apartments do you propose they filmed from? Have you ever lived in a high rise in a dense downtown Hare? Time to lay your cards in the table now. What do you propose happened at the WTC on 9/11? What do you think of the media’s role in the deception? Are you here with good intentions or are you here to deceive?

              1. Hare Brain

                I’ve never lived in a high rise. I live in the SF Bay Area so I’m not a complete country bumpkin. There are certain buildings that everyone in a city can see.

                I admit to being completely ignorant about New York. I am going through some pictures to get some sort of clue.

                this is somewhat interesting:



                the wtc is right by the water, and next to a freeway. you can see the whole city from the new observation deck.

                I don’t know what happened. It’s quite baffling.

                My default position is that almost everything in the news is false, but I don’t understand the real origin of these news stories.

                I am not here to deceive, I’m here to ask questions.


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