1 thought on “Where’s the rubble here?

  1. Hare Brain

    Controlled demo does look impressive, sometimes. It is a small building, especially compared to 110 floors of wtc.


    according to the article “most of the interior and some exterior walls have been removed”

    900 explosives charges. and it is extremely loud. and it looks like there isn’t much rubble (it is an aerial view, wonder what it looks like at ground level). And do building materials matter in how much rubble is left.

    from their own site re: hudson dept store:
    “a debris pile averaging 35 ft tall and as high as 60 ft tall” for a building that’s 439′. it’s a multilevel building, so i guess 439 is the highest point. so 35 of 439 is 8% and 60 of 439 is 13.5%. Judy wood i think uses a figure of 12% for a normal demo.

    did the wtc leave a normal pile of rubble? not sure, maybe. but a controlled demo is a very noisy and colorful display…

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